Pitbull Breed Health Issues

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That s an extremely high rate for a medium sized dog. You ll know if you read our breed spotlight post about pit bulls that the term pit bull isn t actually a breed at all but an umbrella term for a family of breeds in that post i mentioned that pit bulls don t have a ton of health problems.

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Think it broke it all down really nice.

Pitbull breed health issues. There are some common health problems specific to these breeds that any good owner should be aware of and watch out for. Though many breeders pretend it isn t so hip dysplasia is a serious problem in pit bulls. Use the chart of trupanion claims data below to find out what health conditions happen most frequently for american pit bull terriers.

Visit this page to learn how to inspect diagnose and treat. Unfortunately pit bulls are naturally prone to several skin disorders ranging from itchy allergies tumors and even skin cancer. Additional pit bull health problem information.

I know its am staffs but alot of the issues listed here are known in apbt and bullys. Complete list of american pit bull terrier health problems. Primary health conditions of the pit bull.

If you have a dog of any breed then you ve most likely have heard the medical term hip dysplasia this is one of the most common skeletal diseases seen in the canine species and is characterized by a malformation of the ball and socket of the hip joint. The site i got this from is amstaff health there source of this is listed at the bottom here. Pit bull rash you may notice a pit bull rash occurring frequently on your pit bull s skin.

Common pit bull health problems 1. However for breeds like pitbulls it could be a lethal condition in just a matter of hours. Every american pit bull terrier is unique but understanding what health conditions are likelier to occur can help you be a more prepared pet owner.

The orthopedic foundation of america evaluated the hip x rays of 888 pit bulls and found 24 dysplastic. Pit bull skin problems many pit bull owners have complained of frequent skin problems that occur more so in pit bulls than numerous other breeds. Below you ll find 10 common health problems in pit bulls.

Since pitties are hefty eaters their tummies can be filled with too much food and gas. Ultimately if you own a pit bull you should be certain to train and socialize them early so that they act as friendly with others as they do with you. Taking proper care of the american pit bull terrier and pit bull breeds is actually pretty easy if you pay attention to a couple key factors.

I found this while looking into a local kennel who breed am staffs i really found this interesting and helpful and thought someone else may benefit from this as well. This dog usually lives from 11 to 13 years. The breed is generally healthy but can have problems with hip dysplasia cataracts and heart disease.

Unlike health problems pitbulls normally have gastric torsion is commonly dismissed as mere bloating. You should groom your pit bull regularly and clean their ears as a way of preventing skin allergies. Today we re continuing our look at the pit bull breed.

Elbow dysplasia is another serious. Common health conditions for the american pit bull terrier breed.

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