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This dog breed is a direct descendant of the german shepherd dog. List of types of shepherd dogs types of shepherd dogs which are variations of similar to and or often confused with the german shepherd dog.

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Either medium or long.

Pictures of different shepherd breeds. The german shepherd dog gsd is the officially recognized name for this purebred breed. White german shepherd dogs are not albino as long as they have a dark pigment of the skin nose eyelids and nails and pads on their paws. The breed has changed drastically throughout its ancestry in various countries.

There are over 157 different types of dogs recognized by the american kennel club. The two distinct types we mentioned in the introduction are defined by the length of their coat. Also called sheepdogs or cattle dogs.

Different shepherd dogs will perform their work in different ways much of it related to how they interact with the livestock they are trying to corral. Although there isn t a concrete definition for the term shepherd breed as it relates to dogs most authorities apply the term to various herding and livestock guarding breeds. One is the show dog which is easily identified by the sloping back or curved outline as the akc breed standard puts it.

Both types have a double layered coat a softer and thicker undercoat and a coarser outer layer of guard hair. Max von stephanitz was the creator of the german shepherd aiming for a perfect personality workability and stunning appearance. German shepherds have working lines and show lines totaling five different types.

White german shepherd dogs are in no way different from the other colors of german shepherds. A shepherd dog also known as sheep dog is a type of working dog used by shepherds to herd and or protect their flocks. While there are approximately more than 400 types of dogs currently not all are pure breeds.

The name may refer to distinct breeds that are recognized by the kennel clubs and it may also describe non purebred types of dogs that are used by shepherds for these purposes. The german shepherd dog also known as the alsatian in great britain and parts of europe is among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the u s and probably one of the world s most recognized. The following article offers a list of dogs with pictures that will help you in identifying the next breed that you come across.

Benny the tricolor panda shepherd with mabry the black and tan german shepherd. Due to the two strongly entrenched camps regarding the german shepherd dog s purpose there are basically two looks to the gsd. There are about 30 different types of shepherd dogs in total giving ranchers and farmers plenty of options to choose from.

When we discuss the different types of herding dogs we don t simply mean some may be black shepherd dogs or some have long hair the divisions for these types of shepherd dogs aren t even related simply to breed.

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