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It s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Sold fancy female tri parti color pomeranian gch show lines sold fancy female tri parti color pomeranian gch show lines.

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A secondary color will move the pomeranian to a parti 2 colors.

Parti color pomeranian puppy. When adults are shown the classes are generally split into three colors divisions. Brown pomeranian or chocolate pomeranian. Parti colored pomeranian puppies goldenacresdogs file white and cream colored pomeranian party jpg pomeranian colors we show you the wide variety pomeranian colors super mini pomeranian party color high quality you 140 furry and fabulous pomeranian names my dog s name 140 furry and fabulous pomeranian names my dog s name quality party color.

All the patches must be the same color. C o l o r s of the pomeranian breed poms come in a large range of colors. We have more pictures and video are available if you are.

A mismark is when a dog has less than 20 or traces of white markings but they are still parti colored poms genetically speaking. Ideally the parti pomeranian is a white dog with colors that are distributed in patches on the body with a white blaze preferred on the head. This can be.

Parti pomeranians are easy to identify. Charting to be around 10 to 12 lbs full grown. A parti pomeranian may have a third color that may be little more than a tiny splash or may be quite visible such as a patches over the back.

Cream with a cream pomeranian color can actually range quite a bit. Available for deposit to hold until 8 to 10 weeks old. Find parti colored pomeranian puppies and dogs from a breeder near you.

A parti colored pomeranian is one with more than one coat color. In pomeranian dog colors brown is a very diverse color and ranges from the light beaver shade through to the darkest chocolate shade. White a true white will be a pure snow there will not be any shading to the coat otherwise this places the dog into the cream category.

If your dog has a minimum of 50 white coloring on his body in a design it is a parti pomeranian dog. The patches may be in any of the solid colors. Ideally the parti pomeranian is a white dog with colors that are distributed in patches on the body with a white blaze preferred on the head.

The color will be solid without another hue mixed in. The puppy can change completely when it becomes an adult. If you own a sable or and orange pomeranian with a white or buff undercarriage it s not a parti color pomeranian dog.

We will try to get better pictures soon. Red orange cream and sable black brown and blue and any other color pattern or variation. In the event the coat is made up of any kind of additional colors the dog is appropriately termed as a parti color or tri color pomeranian.

Deworm and vaccination are up to date. If just a splash this may be classified as a marking and tri color is a choice when registering a pup. Symmetry of facial markings is desirable a true parti must have 50 or more of white in their coat.

Pictures didn t show her eyes color. Micro pomsky puppy with perfect marking with blue eyes.

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