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Originally bred in germany this large dog is one of the tallest breeds on the planet. Clicking any of the banners or links inside this website can result in the owner be paid a commission on your purchase.

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The boston terrier is a little dog breed with a huge personality and they re definitely one of the most friendly dog breeds to adopt.

One master dog breeds. They may not be the most obedient dogs but they are smart in their own ways. These dogs weigh in between 130 150 pounds which makes them one of the largest breeds and not a good breed for apartment living. The 11 dumbest dog breeds.

Bernards are extremely friendly and don t often do well as attack dogs. Complete list of akc recognized dog breeds. Dog breeds loyal to one master when we talk about having a dog read more top 5 most loyal dog breeds one master categories breeds tags top 5 most loyal dog breeds one master 2 comments.

Includes personality history health nutrition grooming pictures videos and akc breed standard. If you ve ever seen the movie cujo you may have a vision of this breed in your mind as a vicious attack dog. The ability to have a predictable dog to share you and your family s life is the main attraction and benefit for people who wish to own a dog of a particular breed.

As humans we share many of these same needs. Bernard is one of the largest dog breeds. Dogs have very distinct behaviors depending on breed temperament and other particularities.

They are generally clumsy and can be somewhat aloof. Top 12 most loyal dog breeds since early in human history people have developed a special bond with dogs. That couldn t be further from the truth.

They require a lot of exercise and you can expect a lot of drooling and shedding with this breed however if a super sweet disposition and loyalty are what you want in a dog you cannot go wrong with the newfoundland. The least intelligent dog breeds are usually the most stubborn independent minded and strong willed dogs. Though known as gentle giants the great dane that isn t properly socialized could pose a hazard especially if it exhibits fearful or skittish traits.

While they are often known for their friendliness they can also be dangerous. Our registry is also open for breeders to register dogs of breeds in development. As pack animals dogs have an inherent sense of loyalty to their pack and have a need for companionship love security and friendship.

15 dog breeds that have the longest lifespan 11. Some of the dogs tend to love everyone the second they meet them while others tend to be more selective for dog breeds that attach to one person. The 10 dumbest dog breeds need between 80 and 100 repetitions to learn a new command.

Over the years this has led to dogs cementing their place right by our sides as man s best friend.

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