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Our puppies are healthy happy sociable and down right cute. In contrast most other doodles have one parent that is highly shedding so they have to always breed back to the poodle several times to achieve any sort of low to no shed dog.

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The f1 mini.

Miniature shepadoodle. We breed more mini sheepadoodle puppies than any other size on our farm. Come have one of our special doodles join your family today. This means their hair grows and grows and has to be cut.

The mini sheepadoodle is a wonderful designer dog breed created by crossing a purebred akc old english sheepdog with a purebred akc miniature poodle. The mini sheepadoodle will weigh less than 55 pounds and less than 22 inches to the back. The mini sheepadoodle is what feathers and fleece is most known for.

She is a favourite dog of ours and makes the most beautiful puppies. Sheepadoodles have sturdy and solid builds with square or rounded faces and elongation at the snout. Ah the mini sheepadoodle also known as a miniature sheepadoodle or micro sheepadoodle in some cases a pint sized version of a standard sheepadoodle complete with that oh so adorable teddy bear face.

They also have signature gorgeous low hanging ears and their eyes are small and set between medium length hair. Blossom is a 55 lbs olde english goldendoodle grown up. They are incredibly loving affectionate and make great snuggle buddies.

The skull has a broad look and appears dome shaped. A sheepadoodle is a hypoallergenic dog crossed between an old english sheepdog and a standard poodle whereas a mini sheepadoodle is an old english sheepdog crossed with a miniature poodle and. Miniature sheepadoodles are good with children and get along well with other family pets.

Sheepadoodles are a unique doodle in that both parent breeds are non shedding. Angelic doodles are one of the founders of the mini sheepadoodles. Sheepadoodle wonderland is located in lehigh acres fl.

What are mini and micro sheepadoodles dispositions like mini and micro sheepadoodles have fabulous dispositions. The f1b micro mini sheepadoodles is a cross between a f1 mini sheepadoodle and a sliver mini poodle these grow to be 15 to 20 lbs. The reason is likely that this is a great size for most families.

Mini sheepadoodles are valued for being loving calm incredibly intelligent dogs that are easily trained. Mini sheepadoodle 5 hey good looking. We pair her up with a medium or mini stud to make mini olde english goldendoodles.

They are very smart trainable and eager to please. An oes is a low shedding dog only shedding when brushed thus when you cross with a poodle you are almost guaranteed to have a 100 hypoallergenic puppy which makes it great for people with allergies. The mini and micro sheepadoodles are also very social with people and other dogs.

Offering the mini olde english goldendoodle a sheepadoodle wth goldendoodle.

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