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Merle miniature pinscher harlequin min pin merle pinscher spotted pinscher merle piebald miniature pinscher fancy min pin the harlequin pinscher is a newly developed breed that is an attempt to recreate a variety of miniature pinscher from the 1800s that sported unusually patterned coats such as brindle merle and piebald. Black and tan merle tri black and tan tri min pin blue and tan merle tri harlequin pinscher harlequin pinscher tuxedo.

Merle Min Pins Min Pin Doggy Miniature Pinscher

A color pattern that a tiny minority ruled to eliminate.

Merle min pin colors. I truly believe that taking the action that was taken was a disservice to the breed and to the people that like the color merle. Bue tan merle will have blue spotting not black spots in the picture below you can see a fawn tan merle with a chocolate tan merle. No vote was made of miniature pinscher breeders.

Fawn s are akc registered at this time can t be shown in the breed ring in the usa but can be shown in other classes a min pin will would be registered as tan red markings with akc. And wait until you see or meet some merle harlequin minpins before making a. Once the minpin was shown in blue and a color called harlequin.

A tuxedo patterned dog looks to be wearing a tuxedo. In about 1980 it was made to be a disqualification for the show ring. In about 1950 the merle and the blue color was determined to be a fault by the breed club.

Hope this page helps end the confusion of the colors in the merle pattern of the harlequin miniature pinscher. Also known as irish spotting where there is a white pattern on feet chest and a partial to full collar. Merle is a pattern and not a color it modifies colors.

Their opinion was not considered. The harlequin color is called merle in other breeds. Not min pins but the color will be the same.

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