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Neapolitan mastiff history large bodied war breeds that were utilized as guard and battle dogs date back to ancient times. Neapolitan mastiff s physical characteristics.

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The italian breed which is also called neapolitan mastiff nicknamed neo is well known for its fierce and menacing appearance.

Mastino napoletano mastiff guard dogs. Neapolitan mastiff as its name implies this famous mastiff breed comes from naples and surrounding areas in italy. This quintessential mastiff breed is huge intimidating and fearless. The neapolitan mastiff derives from the.

The breed is closely related to the cane corso. Mastino napoletanos are descendants of war dogs during the ancient romanian era. The neapolitan mastiff is a giant dog which is characterized by having very loose skin as if it had a suit one or two sizes more than the correct one.

The most imposing and recognizable aspect of the neapolitan mastiff is its. Since neapolitan mastiffs are large and forceful they make excellent family guard dogs. The mastino napoletano was then interbred with the english mastiff to develop a larger guard dog with a more prominent head.

Neapolitan mastiff dog breed info pictures with its massive size and alarming appearance the neapolitan mastiff has been making intruders think twice for ages. It was recognised as a breed by the ente nazionale della cinofilia italiana in 1949 and accepted by the fédération cynologique internationale in 1956. When it comes to dogs you don t want to run into in a dark alley the neopolitan mastiff or mastino napoletano certainly has to be high on the list.

The neapolitan mastiff or mastino napoletano is an italian breed of large dog it descends from the traditional guard dogs of central italy. The neapolitan mastiff or italian mastiff italian. The neapolitan mastiff can weigh over 150 lbs.

It has a reputation for being a terrible bodyguard. This massive breed is often used as a guard and defender of family and property due to their protective instincts and their fearsome appearance. Mastino napoletano is a large ancient dog breed.

The neapolitan mastiff is characterized by massiveness and loose folds of skin. The neapolitan mastiff or napolito mastiff is a large robust and muscular dog with many folds in the skin and longer than it is tall. In italian the neapolitan mastiff is known as the mastino napoletano the neapolitan mastiff was originally bred as a guard dog of owner and property.

Mastin mastino napoletano matin napolitain neapolitan mastiff. The neapolitan mastiff is one of the molosser type of dogs which probably descend from a. Descended from the legendary wardogs of the assyrians and roman arena fighters the ancestors of the mastino napoletano are believed by some to had been the legendary wardogs of alexander the great but seeing how the old molossers that alexander took with him on his war campaigns we.

The mastino napoletano is a dog breed native to italy. Formerly these dogs were used for wars and as guard dogs due to their great loyalty their powerful temperament and their physical strength. Around the time of 330 b c.

The new variety the neapolitan mastiff was exported worldwide.

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