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Read our malshi breed advice or use our dog breed selector to find the perfect dog breed. Maltese are an ancient breed used in the greek and roman period as trade goods and the chihuahua originated in mexico.

Mickey The Malchi Puppy I Ve Had My Malchi Puppy Mickey For Two Weeks Now And He Is The Best Dog I Have Ever Had He Is 12 Weeks Old Puppies

Malchi is a little dog believed to be a spirit guide and was used to protect souls.

Malchi dog breed. They are also known as the malachi or maltechi. Like the maltese they are also show dogs and go to companions. Based on the domination of a particular dog breed these dogs can have either short or long fur that comes in different colors.

The malchi combines the better of two companion dog breeds handsomely. She is a very loyal affectionate and sassy little dog. The malchi is a hybrid breed that combines the genes of the maltese and the chihuahua.

Malchis reach a maximum weight of 12 pounds very rarely 15 and a maximum height of 12 14 inches. The malchi is lively affectionate and. Girl now reserved boy 4 now reserved boy 2 now reserved boy.

The malchi does not have a long history as it s a new breed that is a crossbreed between a chihuahua and a maltese. The malchi is a hybrid dog the result of crossing a maltese terrier with a chihuahua. I have a stunning litter of 5 adorable malshi puppies 1 girl and 4 boys.

It all depends on which parent s gene is stronger in. She has a life span of 12 to 15 years and is a small dog who participates in events for agility obedience and watchdog. These dogs may look like teddy bears but can be fiercer than their looks suggest and intolerant of children.

They make good small lapdogs but some may not get along well with kids. The malchi is a mixed breed dog the result of crossing a chihuahua with a maltese. The malchi is a mix between the chihuahua and the maltese.

The resulting dog is small in stature with an outsized personality and a loud bark. The malchi is not a purebred dog. Taking after both the chihuahua and the maltese the malchi can appear in a number of different colors with the two most common being pure white and tan.

He is a small dog with a big bark and a big heart who has a gentle affectionate and playful personality. A natural gentle disposition the malchi has grown increasingly popular as a companion for elderly couples. The malchi is a small hybrid breed that is fearless and loyal to its family.

If you are considering this dog as an addition to your family these are the information and facts you need to know. Since they re mixed breed dogs their appearance can greatly vary even from other pups in the same litter. The coat is medium length and silky.

This is a little small lap dog with a big heart and a big bark. Beautiful malshi puppies all pups reserved durham county durham. White black fawn silver sand chestnut.

She is also called a chihuahua maltese mix a malachi and a maltechi. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. It is a cross between the chihuahua and the maltese.

They have brown eyes safely hidden fur that stretches over the forehead.

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