Light Brown Brindle Cane Corso

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A gray brindle cane corso isn t as typical as the solid gray pup. Light pink collar female black w white markings.

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The brindle cane corso is a wonderful guard dog that is largely loyal to its owner and family but is conservative towards strangers and for this kind of dog has a protective nature as it can distinguish between enemies and friends.

Light brown brindle cane corso. Part of the mastiff family the cane corso is an italian mastiff and carries the brindle gene. Porsche has started her show ring career off nicely gaining her championship title by the tender age of 8 months old. Porsche is a registered ankc dark brown brindle cane corso.

Yellow collar female black brown brindle w white markings. It was once distributed throughout much of the italian. Brindle cane corso characteristics.

We are small hobby breeders located in atlanta georgia deeply devoted to the preservation of the cane corso and passionate about producing the finest dogs available. The undercoat which varies in length depending on the climate the dog lives in sheds throughout the year especially during shedding season. The cane corso s coat is short but double layered.

It is a light yellow or cream color with no mask and the nose is most often a faded brown color or black the rare colors are uncommon because they are produced by recessive genes. This versatile young lady is one of three of our lovely cane corso girls. Porsche is sired by italian import renoir.

Their coat patterns that appear blotchy at times are as equally stunning as other brindle puppies. According to the breed standard of the fédération cynologique internationale the cane corso descends from the molossoid dogs of ancient rome. Brindle cane corso is very social as it needs to be part of the family s.

It s quite common to see the corso with a brindle coat when comparing them to other breeds. They possess a brown base color just like the black brindle and their stripes are grayish or blue. Our dogs are breed for conformation working ability temperament health intelligence and overall beauty.

The cane corso pronounced ˈkaːne ˈkɔrso is an italian breed of mastiff it is used for personal protection tracking law enforcement as a guard dog and as a companion dog. She is a very solid built. 7 males 2 females available with coats ranging from blue brindle black white black brindle fawn and brown.

Hi there i have a beautiful litter of 9 cane corso bandogge puppies ready for homes as early as november 29th. They are traits that lay hidden in dogs and occasionally when two purebred cane corsos are bred together puppies can be born of non standard colors or markings. Cane corsos are one of the most common breeds people think of when considering a brindle canine.

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