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Better still blend in the super sweet and easy going nature of the newfoundland and you have a landseer. The siberian husky is truly an amazing athlete.

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Black dog breeds get the complete list of solid black dog breeds with pictures.

Large black and white dogs. List of black and white dog breeds. There s nothing about black and white dog breeds that seem to warrant a bad reputation. Most of the times you will see that the dog can be black or brown or a mix of white and black in color.

The adorable dalmatian with black spots on its white body or the fluffy teddy bear like japanese chin would certainly win all hearts with their appealing looks and pleasant disposition. Balto one of the most famous siberian husky dogs even had a movie made about his life saving sled run to bring vaccines to a remote village. Please keep in mind that the photos below were taken in different lighting with different cameras so the coloring may appear slightly off between pictures.

There are 60 black dogs in our list. The siberian husky is a big white furry dog that was originally bred by the ancient nomadic chuchki tribe to work as a sled and hunting dog in siberia. The color black resembles strength power and authority.

But instead of solid black you ll find this pooch has a black furry head with white around the muzzle a white body with black saddle markings. They come in many different colors including blue black black and white spotted merle pattern harlequin pattern silver fawn brindle and tan with black. In fact black is often regarded as a prestigious or elegant color.

Large dogs is usually serve as watch dogs working dogs military dogs police dogs. They weigh between 55 kgs to 90 kgs with the females being slightly lighter in size and the giant male touching 90 kgs. Dogs with a black and white coat are an absolute pleasure to watch.

Even find the perfect names for black and white dogs for you or your family from this blog. Below are the different dog breeds with white and black in their coat. Size smallest small medium large giant characteristics hypoallergenic fluffy best family smartest best guard kid friendly.

Imagine a great big newfoundland dog but in black and white. Home all breeds breeds quiz. It s also probably why black is one of the most common dog colors along with white and brown.

Includes cutest black fluffy black black and white black and tan which can help you find your favorite. They can stand anywhere between 30 34 inches high and weigh between 120 200 pounds. Black dogs need homes too.

They are large breeds strong courageous watchful and loyal. Click on a photo below to view more details about that dog breed. The dogs mentioned here are predominantly black and white.

The newfoundland breed of dogs have webbed feet and a coat that is water resistant. There are few breeds as mysterious yet mesmerizing as a solid black colored dog.

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