Jack Russell Yorkie Mix Black And White

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The yorkie russell is a mixed dog the result of crossing a jack russell terrier and a yorkshire terrier. Its size and personality make it an ideal family pet.

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Let the dogs run around in open space to burn off their excess energy.

Jack russell yorkie mix black and white. They make great household pets and are suitable for living in apartments. He is a sweet dog with lots of energy but he can be vocal so be prepared. It was bred from two types of terriers.

These dogs love to run play and hop around in the house and garden. He is a small cross breed with a life span of 12 to 16 years. The jack russell yorkshire mix is calm compared to purebred jack russell terrier.

The yorkshire terrier breed is known for its silky and glossy coat which is inherited by the mix breed. A jack russell will typically measure between 13 and 14 inches tall from paw to shoulder and weigh between 13 and 17 pounds he is small stocky and muscular and he has a short coat that is either smooth or broken coated and white and tan in color sometimes with a little black or brindle added to the mix. The mixed breed may also inherit the coarse hair of jack russells.

Although it is quite energetic its small size enables it to comfortably spend much of its time in enclosed spaces such as apartments and homes. The yorkie jack russell mix is an energetic breed and average exercise on a daily basis is good enough for them. Yorkie jack russell mix the yorkie russell also occasionally referred to as a jorkie or jack russell mix is a small fun loving and boisterous dog.

You need to be well versed with the grooming part to take proper care of its skin coat. The dog has a round head dark eyes floppy ears medium muzzle and a bushy tail. Jack russell terrier mixes.

The yorkie russell is an outcome of crossing the yorkshire terrier with the jack russel terrier known for its small size cute demeanor and fluffy appearance.

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