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One of the most independent of the toy breeds it needs a firm gentle hand. Unlike many breeds the pomeranian does not generally show aggression towards dogs of the same sex.

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Exactly when the dog began to be bred down in size is not known.

Is pomeranian dogs. It is alert inquisitive and active. Male pomeranians are perfectly fine living in the house with another male. The pomeranian is a dainty adorable little dog with a typically friendly though sometimes bossy personality.

From her dogs the size was bred down even further to the toy dog we recognize today. The pomeranian is a proud lively little dog. Annie has had a litter of 4 male pomeranian puppies and 2 bitches the bitches have been given away to family.

Queen victoria became enamored of the breed. The pomeranian is considered to be a miniaturized spitz type dog. Nor is it known exactly where this miniaturization took place although germany and specifically pomerania is the most likely locale.

With that said it is still important to properly introduce the dog into your home whenever you adopt a new addition. The pom is a wonderful companion and show dog. It is intelligent eager to learn very loyal to its handler and family.

An up gazing head carriage and thick ruff. The double coat consists of a short dense undercoat with a profuse harsh textured longer outer coat. The smallest member of the spitz family the pomeranian boasts tough sledding dog ancestors.

The pomeranian dog has a fox like and alert expression. The pomeranian often known as a pom is a breed of dog of the spitz type that is named for the pomerania region in north west poland and north east germany in central europe classed as a toy dog breed because of its small size the pomeranian is descended from larger spitz type dogs specifically the german spitz it has been determined by the fédération cynologique internationale to be part. The breed s docile temper and affectionate nature endear it to many.

Their ancestors came to england from germany in the 18th century when german born queen charlotte married into the british royal family. I have 4 male pups for sale they are ready to leave from today all pups come with goody bags and some today all been health checked including worming fleaing first set of vaccinati. The pomeranian originates from the european herding spitz dogs which were a bit larger and fuller coated than the poms we know today.

The pomeranian is a compact short backed active toy dog of nordic descent. Also called a pom this breed is extremely loyal to its loved ones and can be an effective guard dog despite its diminutive appearance. Germany specifically pomerania in the 1800s seems to be the site of the first breeding programs although these dogs were quite large.

A small square proportioned breed the pomeranian s distinctive puffy appearance comes from its thick soft undercoat and harsh long outer coat which stands away from its body and is usually a variation of red orange cream black and sable.

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