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However the chusky history is a little more unclear. The chow chow husky mix is a wonderful designer breed resulting from chow chow and siberian husky.

My Beautiful Bany Rocky German Shepard Chow And Husky Mix Animals Husky Canine

Chow chow is a guard dog companion one of the oldest breeds of dogs.

Husky shepherd chusky husky shepherd chow chow. It could take after either parent giving it a height range from 17 to 24 inches and a weight range from about 35 to 60 pounds. Saved by charlie mattinson. Unique dog breeds rare dog breeds popular dog breeds malamute husky alaskan malamute husky mix huge dogs i love dogs chow chow.

It has a cute and fluffy appearance with a proportional lean stature erect and pointed ears like its parents. This article suggests to look each breed s characteristic so we can imagine the chusky breed. As with any purebred or hybrid dog females tend to stay on the smaller end of the above size ranges.

Like its name this hybrid dog is too loving and friendly. The chusky has only recently just been recognized as a designer dog breed in the last few years or so and the complete history of this hybrid breed is unclear. The chow chow has got almond shaped eyes and a dark nose.

Husky chow mix was developed by crossing the chow and siberian husky. Please have a glance at the basic information of chow chow husky mix for your final decision. The chusky consists of the siberian husky and the chow chow both of these breeds have their own distinct origins and history.

The chow chow husky mix also known as the chusky or chowski is a mixed breed dog. Let us look to one of the interesting dog mixes chusky. Curious headstrong and loving these dogs inherited some of the best qualities from both of their.

The chusky is a mixed breed dog a cross between the chow chow and siberian husky dog breeds. Husky chow mix shepard chow chow mix. It has some adorable names like chowsky chusky husky chow chow husky etc.

Such a name this type of breed got from the first letters of their names. Based on the chow chow and husky s typical heights and weights a chusky full grown may be anywhere from 35 to 80 pounds and 17 to 23 5 inches tall at the shoulder. Its legs are long and strong with a feathered tail which curls upwards and rests on its back.

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