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I have that mix too but mine looks more like a small german shepherd well 60lb isn t that small but relatively but with a black and white husky paint job haha. Img from gerberian shepskies at a glance.

German Shepherd Husky Mix German Shepherd Husky German Shepherd

They are very loyal playful pups who are quick to learn.

Husky malamute gerberian shepsky german shepherd. An all black dog with a striking ice blue eye color is a treat for the eyes. Come with us to learn more about the gerberian shepsky. This crazy mouthful of a name comes attached to a sweet natured intelligent and completely adorable canine that just might be the right fit for your household.

The german shepherd husky mix can take after either parent s coloring. Its majestic appearance looks like the wolves which we watch in movies. If trained and socialized well this furry friend will become a great companion for.

Produced by mating a german shepherd with a siberian husky gerberian shepskies often exhibit traits common to both species although some clearly take after one side of the equation or the other. So yes lots of love for this mix. They need an owner who can put in the time training and exercise them.

Great dogs yours is super cute. So let s take a closer look at this cool new breed below to see how combining a siberian husky with a german shepherd can produce such a neat pup. Most strikingly some gerberian shepsky pups inherit their shepherd parent s dark coat and the bright blue eyes of their siberian husky parent.

Black gerberian shepsky is an eye catching breed due to its wolf like appearance. For height a german shepherd husky mix will be somewhere in the range of 20 25. German shepherds tend to be on the taller side so if it takes after this parent you can expect a dog with a little more height to it.

I love the combination of obsession with rules and also the adventurous sort of wild side. While each breed has their own unique set of traits and temperament a german shepherd husky mix will typically present with some characteristics that come from both breeds though it s not unusual for the offspring of a cross between these two. Black german shepherd husky in once glance.

This mostly depends on which parent it takes after more. You are surely going to get some attention walking on the road with. The average height of the adult gerberian shepsky is between 20 25 inches and the average weight is between 45 80 pounds.

Similar to his parents the dog breed has countless desirable qualities and characteristics that make him an ideal pet. Similar dog breeds to gerberian shepsky. The german shepherd husky mix or better known as the gerberian shepsky is a cross breed of two intelligent and energetic dogs.

The german shepherd husky mix also known as the gerberian shepsky is a beautiful crossbreed with extreme smarts and lots of energy. In most respects gerberian shepskies exhibit similar physical and behavioral traits to their parent breeds. The german shepherd husky mix is a hybrid of two highly intelligent and popular working breeds the german shepherd and the siberian husky.

It s a perfect mix for me. The average cost of the gerberian shepsky puppy is between 400 1200 that depends on the breeder. Although the physical outline of a german shepherd and a husky are pretty similar their color can be very varied.

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