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The best canine breeds for house pets share several qualities. 35 best medium and small dogs for kids.

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Here are 32 small dogs who make great companions for those who live in apartments or condos.

House dogs small. Many other types of dogs are popular as small house pets including mixed breed dogs under 20 pounds. First they re considered portable meaning they can fit in little carriers to accompany their owners on trips. Here are 10 of the best small dogs to keep as.

Among other purebred small house dogs are the shetland sheepdog and corgi both of who originally worked at herding animals. This free dog house plan has videos to go along with each building step as well as lots of blueprints showing the different angles of the dog house. Since small dogs take up less space many apartment dwellers prefer the smaller dog breeds.

You ll want to select one of the breeds that are good house dogs. Loyal adorable and intelligent pugs are really the complete canine package. This dog house can be built to fit any sized dog small to large and is insulated to keep your dog warm.

Maltese dogs are easy to house train after the initial few. Many also do well in homes and apartments with limited space. While all require regular brushing none need excessive grooming.

When i began searching for the perfect pooch several years ago to keep me company i researched all the best small dogs that are known to be good indoor pets. These dogs love to cuddle. These dogs all have good dispositions require relatively little exercise like kids and other pets and are easily trained.

As i was on my search for the best small dogs out there i learned a great deal about dog breeds. These dogs suit apartment or suburban living. This is a great all around dog house plan that even a beginner can handle.

One of the many reasons. You ll find plenty of these mixed breed dogs in shelters and rescues available for a reasonable adoption fee. Although watchdogs can be good guard dogs and vice versa they are not one in the same.

And they typically have lower food and medication costs than large breeds. Watchdogs are dogs that alert their owners to strangers approaching or any unusual activity in or around their homes. Small dog breeds are popular for several reasons.

We ve rounded up some of the most friendly and tiny breeds of toy dogs not to be confused with dog toys a category of dog that typically weighs in at 7 to 35 pounds. Cavalier king charles spaniels will lay on your lap and beg for belly rubs any chance they get. They re very attached to their owners so small homes are even better.

They are different from guard dogs because guard dogs are bred and trained to actually fight intruders whereas watchdogs simply let you know there is an intruder.

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