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The german shepherd and great pyrenees mix is a mixed dog breed between the german shepherd and the great pyrenees. With two giant breed parents the great bernese will likely weigh between 85 and 190 pounds.

Great Pyrenees And German Shepard Mix Shepard Dog Breeds German Shepard Puppies Great Pyrenees

Her mom n dad were white but their litter had 2 grey pups.

Great pyrenees shepherd mountain dog mix grey. It worked as an active herder together with. Teddy lived to be 15 he was small he was often referred to as a runt pyrenees he only weighed 75 lbs. They are well suited to farm life and large back yards due to their history.

The pyrenean shepherd known in france originally and also in non akc registries such as the ukc as the berger des pyrénées and in spain as the pastor de los pirineos is a medium small breed of dog native to the pyrenees mountains in southern france and northern spain bred since at least medieval times for herding livestock especially sheep. The great pyrenees german shepherd mix goes by many names including the shepnees shep py and germanees. The great pyrenees is not as well known as the german shepherd.

The pyrenees mountain dog is a cross between the great pyrenees and the bernese mountain dog. The result of mixing the bernese mountain dog and a great pyrenees. Expect a calm pup that is good with kids and may bond more closely with one family.

We adopted a great pyrenees and australian shepherd mix we got from a rescue when he was 12 weeks old he looked like a little white teddy bear so we called him teddy. They are related to several other large white european livestock guardian. Both great pyrenees and anatolian shepherd has almost same life span.

Teddy was an amazing dog very smart stubborn more so than the 2 we. The great bernese is a beautiful hybrid. They will also do well being around livestock especially sheep and goats.

I d like to share an image of her how if your interested if so please let me know how. He is however just as vigilant in protecting his family home. The breed is currently ranked as the 66 th most popular dog breed in america in 2020.

Great pyrenees may weigh 14 kg 30 pounds lesser than anatolian shepherd. Great pyrenees may grow 6 cm 3 inches higher than anatolian shepherd. This dog will shed a lot year round and seasonally.

As late as 1874 the breed was not completely standardized in appearance with two major subtypes recorded the western and the eastern. The pyrenean mountain dog known as the great pyrenees in north america is a large breed of dog used as a livestock guardian dog it should not be confused with the pyrenean mastiff. The great pyrenees is a large loyal dog that has a stubborn streak.

Bernese mountain dog great pyrenees mix great bernese a great bernese is a puppy with one bernese mountain dog parent and one great pyrenees parent. A great pyrenees and bernese mountain dog mix and match gives us this adorable snow baby. These dogs are large bundles of energy bred from two guarding breeds.

Great pyrenees is originated from france but anatolian shepherd is originated from turkey. This dog will weigh 70 to 115 pounds and live 7 to 12 years. Great pyrenees and bernese mountain dog.

This is going to be a large dog that will make a good watch dog. While we really recommend that you acquire one through a rescue we understand that some people might go through a breeder to get their. If owners post a photo saying their dog is an australian shepherd great pyrenees mixed breed we.

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