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Great dane mastiff mix grooming and general care. This gentle giant is an extremely affectionate and family oriented dog.

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Brindle american bulldog great dane mix.

Great dane lab mix brindle. The great dane lab mix is the result of a great dane cross labrador. Great dane lab mix is a cross of labrador retriever and great dane also known as labradane. The good news is we have an article and some pictures about what you re looking for.

Great danes come in a fair few more colors including brindle black fawn grey blue merle harlequin which is white with black patches all over the body and mantle a. Hi animal lovers i see you are looking for 55 great dane mastiff mix brindle. The labradane a large cross between the purebreds labrador retriever and great dane is known for its sweet gentle and affectionate nature it is a strong sturdy dog with a well muscled body broad head pronounced stop dark nose medium sized floppy ears hanging close to the cheek firm muscular neck and a high set tail.

A lab dane mix s ears should be checked regularly for infection if they are left hanging rather than cropped. Every mix will be an individual and it will depend on what genes they have picked up along the way. Like many on this list this is a large to giant breed dog.

Many people crave having cute and adorable healthy pets. If you need more information about 55 great dane mastiff mix brindle you can check the following link. Remember if your great dane mastiff dog inherits his mastiff parents jowls he could be a drooler.

Unlike great danes labs shed a lot. This cross breed is also known as a labradane you can expect a large dog with bundles of love to give. A great dane lab mix puppy costs around 250 to 550.

Their size ranges from 24 to 30 inches and weight is between 100 to 180 pounds. The lifespan of this crossbreed is 8 to 12 years. A great dane lab mix will not be guaranteed to look a certain way.

Whichever parent your puppy takes after weekly brushing is a good idea to keep the coat looking sleek. Great dane and labrador retriever. Great dane lab mix health and care.

They are very social and generally get along well with other dogs of all sizes. Your labradane may also have some genetic health concerns to contend with. The labradane is a popular mix between a great dane and a labrador retriever.

What you have here is a real blend of both the american bulldog and the great dane but the exact distribution of features can differ.

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