Great Dane Black Lab Pitbull Mix

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I mean he is not a small dog in the least so i. He seems fine and hes not aggressive unless my dad or i give him his attack command but im wondering what kind of health problems he might have as he gets older.

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Labradors have a short dense double coat.

Great dane black lab pitbull mix. It is a strong sturdy dog with a well muscled body broad head pronounced stop dark nose medium sized floppy ears hanging close to the cheek firm muscular neck and a high set tail. They have high energy levels are extremely intelligent powerful and loving. The great dane pit bull mix is a mixed breed the result of breeding a great dane with an american pit bull terrier.

And if youre planning to bring this dog home this dogappy post addresses all the queries circling in your head at the moment. Cute facts to know before getting a kind great dane pit bull mix. What kind of problems do pitbull lab great dane mixes have.

The great dane and the american pit bull terrier make one interesting cross. It is classed in the terrier and non sporting breed group and has talents in guarding and watchdog. This site might help you.

A thick undercoat for warmth and a waterproof top coat. The great dane pitbull mix which is also commonly known as great danebull is a large and affectionate animal taking traits from both its parent breeds the great dane and the pitbull. Labrador retrievers are medium to large dogs weighing 55 to 80 pounds and standing between 215 and 245 inches tall.

This dog is a cross breed between the gentle giant great dane and the protective pitbull. This hybrid dog should live for between 8 to 12 years and has talents in watchdog guarding and obedience. I have a pit bull great dane lab mix named yakuza hes a little over 2 years old now.

He is a giant mixed breed also known as a labrador retrievergreat dane mix. The labradane a large cross between the purebreds labrador retriever and great dane is known for its sweet gentle and affectionate nature. Information about the ever friendly great dane labrador mix breed.

If you love big dogs then the labradane surely fits the bill. A popular mix is a black lab great dane mix which usually produces a mostly black dog. The labradane is a mix of the labrador retriever and the great dane.

Like the majority of hybrid dogs pitbull great dane mix is known for having an adorable name which is widely popular as great danebull. Not only is it big but it also has a very delightful personality. Also known as the great danebull it is a large to giant dog with a life span of 10 to 15 years.

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