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This breed originated in the united states. Yellow retriever golden flat coat.

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The english cocker spaniel is the larger of the two breeds standing at 15 to 17 inches high weighing between 26 to 34 pounds.

Golden cocker spaniel breeds. The american cocker spaniel stands at 12 to 13 inches high and weighs between 24 to 28 pounds. Size the golden cocker retriever stands from 14 to 19 inches tall and can weigh anywhere between 20 60 pounds though the average weight is 30 45 pounds. The english cocker spaniel is an active good natured sporting dog standing well up at the withers and compactly built.

The golden cocker retriever is a fairly recent mix of the golden retriever and an american cocker spaniel. There are several different types of cocker spaniel and two distinct pedigree breeds. Recognized by the american kennel club in 1946 as a sporting breed.

The english cocker spaniel is a breed of gun dog it is noteworthy for producing one of the most varied numbers of pups in a litter among all dog breeds. It s a medium sized dog breed at about 20 to 24 inches tall weighing between 30 to 45 pounds. The golden cocker retriever is a mixed breed dog a cross between the golden retriever and cocker spaniel dog breeds.

Both of these parent breeds belong to the sporting dog group and are friendly active dogs that are a pleasure to train. If the cocker spaniel parent is brown black white or merle then this can be passed to the pup. Find similarities and differences between golden retriever vs american cocker spaniel vs poodle compare golden retriever and american cocker spaniel.

The golden cocker retriever also known as the dakota sport retriever is a hybrid dog made up of the golden retriever and the cocker spaniel. Golden retriever vs american cocker spaniel vs poodle which one is a better dog breed for you. Sweet playful and intelligent these pups inherited some of the best.

Candyville pups is an expert dog breeder and loving advocate of goldador golden retriever and cocker spaniel breeds based in aylmer ontario. The golden cocker retriever is a loyal and loving dog and is the perfect companion. Last updated on july 29th 2020.

The golden cocker retriever normally has their parents golden color although this breed of dog has been seen in other colors. Golden cocker retriever is a cross of the golden retriever and the cocker spaniel also known as dakota sport retriever. Cocker merry cocker woker.

There are field or working cockers and show cockers.

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