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Weekly brushing is needed to take care of the dead hair because it will otherwise make the dog s coat a burden both for the animal and for your home. The best choice are protein rich dry foods with a small percentage of fillers such as carbs or plant based protein fortified with healthy fats and vitamins.

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Goldador puppy hair. Goldador puppies learn fast but make sure to train them in. The golden retriever lab mix is an intelligent mixed breed thanks to the fact that both its parents rank in the top 10 smartest canine breeds. Our dogs are not just breeding dogs they are our part of the family and get the best of care.

The cost to buy a goldador varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders location reputation litter size lineage of the puppy breed popularity supply and demand training socialization efforts breed lines and much more. Along with their obedient and well mannered qualities these dogs are highly trainable even as puppies they can quickly learn basic commands and non verbal cues. With that being said we produce lab and goldadors puppies.

Goldador puppies and adults can vary greatly in appearance but they tend to look more like the dominant breed. Loving devoted and energetic goldador mixed breed dogs are prized for their good natured trainability. As a result a golden heavy dog might have longer hair in a golden color.

In most cases dry food for large athletic dogs will be the best fit for the goldador. For more on feeding your goldador see our guidelines for buying the right food feeding your puppy and feeding your adult dog. Regardless your dog will shed copiously and you should brush it 3 4 times a week.

We breed our females once a year and they will only have 3 4 litters each. As a cross between the golden retriever and labrador retriever this mix inherited some of. Coat color and grooming.

Goldador dog breed profile. The goldador is an active dog and will require kibble made from high grade ingredients. A goldador should have the same double coat as a labrador retriever with a short thick straight topcoat and a soft dense undercoat some have a slight wave down the back.

Review how much goldador puppies for sale sell for below. The goldador is a cross of a purebred golden retriever and a purebred labrador retriever also known as golden retriever lab mix. It s a large dog breed at about 22 to 24 inches tall weighing between 60 to 80 pounds.

Are goldadors easy to train. We are a very small set up and only have 3 males labs 3 female golden retrievers and 3 female labs.

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