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First introduced as a designer dog over a decade ago the goldador was bred when breeders decided to cross golden retrievers with labrador retrievers. A mother goldador gives birth to 5 8 puppies at a time.

Goldador Dog Breed Information Pictures Characteristics Facts

And a healthy goldador puppy will cost you an approximate amount of 800 to 1200 usd.

Goldador breed traits. A goldador dog is a mixture between a golden retriever and a labrador retriever. Goldador can easily become overweight because he likes to eat that s why he does need enough exercise. The goldador hasn t received the same attention as the likes of the goldendoodle or cavachon but this is a hybrid that is here to stay as it offers a unique array of characteristics that make it an ideal family pet as well as an incredibly useful service dog and hunter.

Price of goldador puppy. This large and intelligent breed is not short on personality. There s almost nothing that a goldador can t be trained to do with the right support and encouragement.

These dogs are an absolute joy to train. A larger breed the goldador weighs between 60 and 80 pounds. Physical characteristics and personality.

The goldar is a medium sized dog breed. In contrast to many other hybrids the goldador s temperament and. Loving and loyal the goldador gets along with everyone and that includes other animals and children.

The goldador dog breed is definitely up to par with its originators in every regard. The goldador also known as the golden labrador is a hybrid of the golden retriever and the labrador retriever. A goldador ought to live indoors with his family whatever the home is.

A goldador is usually 22 to 24 inches tall weighing a weigh about 60 to 80 pounds. Need to know bout goldador dog breed. These dogs have the typical sturdy and well proportioned body of a retriever as well as their personality traits.

The breed is a good family dog and normally does and plays well with the children of all ages. This is a loving social and intelligent dog. Like all cross breed goldador has no more history so if you like getting information about history so you can also check it s two pure breed history.

Goldador golden retriever labrador retriever mixed dog breed information including pictures training behavior and care of goldadors. They re sweet playful and willing to please disposition allows them to make new friends with ease. T he goldador is no small dog.

It has all the sweet characteristics of a golden retriever and labrador retriever and like both breeds it is very smart and intelligent. Since this is a designer breed or a hybrid dog breed there is no official club registered with the akc for the goldador. The goldador is extremely friendly and affectionate.

The goldador is growing in popularity as a social and easily trained dog. They are also known as a golden lab or referred to as a golden retriever lab mix. Goldador dog breed profile.

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