German Shorthaired Pointer And Labrador Retriever Mix

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Or if a german shorthaired pointer is a good family. Both german shorthaired pointer and labrador retriever are having almost same height.

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The german shorthaired lab is a cross between the german shorthaired pointer and the labrador retriever.

German shorthaired pointer and labrador retriever mix. They are very adaptable to their surroundings and can easily fit themselves in all climates. Labrador vs german shorthaired pointer. The german shorthaired lab is a hybrid dog that is a mix of the labrador retriever and the german shorthaired pointer.

For this reason a german shorthaired pointer and lab mix can be a good choice for an. Ever wondered what the difference is between a german short haired pointer and a labrador retriever. They have 50 of german shorthaired and 50 of labrador retrievers in it at first cross.

These large sized dogs are rare and are not found easily. German shorthaired pointer vs labrador retriever. They share in common a lot many characteristics of both their parent breeds.

She is a large dog with a life span of 10 to 14 years. Hybrid retrievers is a kennel and one of a kind breeding program offering a unique cross breed of german shorthaired labradors gsp lab mixover the years we have always kept breeding stock that was structurally correct and naturally muscular with a great personality. German shorthaired pointer lab mix.

German shorthaired pointers are typically the most common choice for pointerlabrador mixes so ive provided another table that compares them to labrador retrievers on a few characteristics that will battle for the top spot when theyre mixed. It is a cross between the german shorthaired pointer and the labrador retrieverthe best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. They have either some qualities of german shorthaired pointer or labrador retriever in it.

German shorthaired lab is a wonderful mix of german shorthaired pointer and labrador retriever. These breeds are both are athletic working dogs that need plenty of exercise are very playful and get bored quite easily. Both labrador retrievers and german shorthaired pointers are eager to please good natured and smart.

The german shorthaired lab is not a purebred dog. She is also called a german shorthaired labrador retriever and she has talents in tricks weight pulling guarding and as a watchdog. Mix in some of your own home made cooked brown rice vegetables and chicken from time to time and also ensure your pet gets in some raw meat as well.

German shorthaired labrador retriever.

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