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An english shepherd has heavy shedding. This rare breed was first seen in the 17th century where it was incredibly popular as a herding dog.

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English shepherds need less grooming.

English shepherd dog black and white. However fast forward to the 21st century and this breed is almost unheard of english shepherds are few and far between with very few breeders. Since this is a working dog his hair requires very little grooming and the dirt just tends falling away. Black and white sable and white with the sable in varying shades and tri color english shepherds are common as well.

This black dog breed has a moderate adaptability. Solid colored dogs of the breed white black red are incredibly rare. These dogs are the best to be used as watch dogs.

This herding dog breed is an intelligent dog breed. From the other side this dog breed tends to shed quite a lot. Black and tan english shepherds also called tanpoints are one common color pattern.

As the livestock was depleted surplus dogs were left along the way and were used by local natives and interbred with. The english shepherds are very intelligent dogs. These english shepherds are popular.

Romans used these dogs to herd the livestock brought along to feed the troops. The breed has a long straight or wavy double coat with feathering on the legs and tail traditionally it has four different color combinations black and white black and tan sable and. Well then look no further than the english shepherd dog.

According to legend the english shepherd is a combination of native dogs of the british isles and the roman sheep and cattle dog brought to the british isles by caesar when he invaded in 55 b c. The main fur colors are sable and white tricolor black and tan and black and white. The english shepherd is a medium sized breed of dog it weighs between 40 and 60 pounds 18 and 27 kg and stands between 18 and 23 inches 46 and 58 cm dogs are typically larger than bitches.

English shepherd dogs can be trained without much difficulty.

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