English Cocker Spaniel Big Ears

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Likewise although the working cocker has long ears they are of medium length ears which he can lift up high when alert and listening. Cocker spaniel dog with a sleep mask on his head happy dog is a beautiful golden brown cocker spaniel with big fluffy ears and a happy smile on its face.

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The english cocker spaniel is kind compassionate and makes a great family pet.

English cocker spaniel big ears. The english cocker spaniel the small dog with long ears and beautiful silky wool brought in england for hunting generally on woodcocks. It has gained wide popularity around the world. What all droopy eared dogs have in common is they are bred to assist hunters in the field.

By 1800 small spaniels used for hunting woodcock in southwest england and wales were called cocker spaniels. To clean a cocker spaniel s ears start by buying an over the counter ear cleaner that gently dissolves wax and evaporates quickly to prevent stinging or damaging the skin. The american cocker spaniel and the english cocker spaniel.

Caring for a vulnerable cocker puppy is a big responsibility. The vet also said the anatomy of snoopy s ears are the worst he s seen so the operation was definitely the way forward. The english cocker spaniel flaunts huge floppy ears with wavy hairs at the tips.

Smart easy to train gentle and energetic are all ways to describe the cocker spaniel s personality. Cocker spaniel cross with big fluffy ears is looking curiously outdoors with a nicely blurred background. Buy 4 get 2 free add 6 to cart.

He used to be a gun dog so he won t mind a game of fetch or hide and seek. The origin of the modern english cocker spaniel. There are two recognized types of cocker spaniel.

Its domed head floppy ears and big eyes epitomize companionship. Today the english cocker spaniels as a rule play a role of partners and favourites of family. Cocker spaniel 2×3 fridge magnet dog pet man s best friend k9 puppy big ears.

A sporty dog with a passion for adventure. Then squirt a generous amount of cleaner into your dog s ear close the ear flap and massage the area. This gundog is also visually appealing as well with its large floppy ears and wavy coat.

The doe eyed cocker spaniel has long been a family favourite throughout the world. Dog mom english cocker spaniel bone car magnet bumper sticker 3 x7 6 97. The english cocker spaniel is a small but personality packed pup.

This wavy hair matches those on his legs. Next pull back your dog s ear flap to reveal the l shaped ear canal. So there you have it the life of a cocker spaniel with big ole heavy ears.

Their dependent droopy ear flaps keep their sensitive ears from getting torn up in brambles and underbrush when they flush or retrieve game. I hope this is helpful if you have a cocker spaniel with constant infections i also found this useful website describing the teca operation.

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