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A fantastic small sized cross the doxle is known to be a loyal and well mannered dog. The dachshund terriers have a dapple coat like the dachshunds but they are longer in size just like in the case of the terrier.

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The hybrid of dachshund and yorkie terrier is commonly known as dorkie whereas doxie scott is the name given to the mix of dachshund and scottish terrier.

Dachshund terrier mix black and white. Dachshund yorkshire terrier dorkie. These versatile hounds make excellent show dogs family companions and even small game hunters. To dive in to more details about yorkshire terrier dachshund mixes we invite you to read through our detailed hybrid dorkie guide.

In terms of colouring you can expect to find black brown tan and white dachshund terrier crosses as well as any combination of these colours. This mixed breed dog tends to be friendly and playful but is more comfortable around its family than strangers. Because of their cute appearance playful nature and small size dachshund mixes are popular with apartment dwellers.

Dachshunds are muscular little dogs that carry their elongated body with a bold and confident look. Referred to regularly as the doxle or beaschund this cross combines the german dachshund with the english beagle. Usually an alert and active dog the dachshund terrier mix benefits for living with people who can devote time and energy to occupying their busy minds.

Dachshund beagle mix is indeed one of the most popular dachshund crosses. Weimaraner dachshund daimeraner. Any dog that is part terrier will be curious and energetic.

When considering the size of the dachshund terrier mix once again this will depend on the particular dachshund or terrier variety that they re mixed with. A jack russell will typically measure between 13 and 14 inches tall from paw to shoulder and weigh between 13 and 17 pounds he is small stocky and muscular and he has a short coat that is either smooth or broken coated and white and tan in color sometimes with a little black or brindle added to the mix. Apart from the dachshund crosses listed above breeders produce.

Dachshund pomeranian dameranian. A standard dorkie may weigh 12 to 32 pounds while a mini dachshund mix dorkie may weigh 3 to 11 pounds. Dachshund terrier mix temperament.

Dachshund golden retriever goldenshund. Dachshund black and tan jack russell dach russell. It will need plenty of exercise to keep from getting into trouble and when mixed with a mild mannered dachshund terriers are generally easily trainable using positive reinforcement.

Jack russell terrier mixes. The dorkie s average expected life span is around 12 to 15 years. As a daschound fan who recently lost my best friend rudy a blk tan i also have had the what s called a red several times i was hesitant to buy a spotted mocha white his sire was a redchound the dame was a smooth hair fox terrier no blue eye i can t attest the one shown in the article as akc the spotted mocha brown spots.

So here s what happens when you mix them with 15 other breeds.

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