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I loved both my dogs equally. I think that it is barbaric to dock a cocker spaniel s tail.

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You will also notice some swelling.

Cocker spaniel with no tail. Tell tail cocker spaniels has cocker spaniel puppies for sale in olmsted falls oh on akc puppyfinder. Bobbie i have owned two beautiful cocker spaniels. You may have seen adult cocker spaniels particularly those that are at dog shows or from show related breeders that have very short stumps where you would normally expect to see a tail.

This procedure is typically performed on puppies between 3 and 7 days of age. Also a tail helps to maintain the balance in the environment especially during swimming. Are cocker spaniels born with long tails if your cocker has a fracture the tail is usually droop right at the position of the break.

Yes all cocker spaniels are born with tails. Tail docking yes or no. They are known for that they have been labeled by many as merry breeds.

A dog has an acute pain. The injured area is sensitive. Cocker spaniel tail problems.

However today s cocker spaniels are kept mostly as pets rather than hunters. Couldn t put any weight on her left leg. I wanted a cocker working strain with his full tail and was fortunate to find a breeder that didn t dock them and i am so glad as he really shows a lot of expression with his and as i have no intention of working him it didn t need to be docked.

The first thing that you will notice about these adorable breed is their continuous wagging tail. No anesthetic is involved and the tails are docked or cut to an appropriate length for the breed. Breeders would use a sharp pair of shears for the task.

Tail docking does have consequences on the animal. The reason tails were docked was to prevent injury as the dog ran through heavy brush while flushing game. The english cocker spaniel comes from probably one of the largest group of dog.

The first one was ten years old when i adopted him with a full beautiful tail. By means of the tail a dog is able to show its mood cheerfulness aggression excitement for example. Anonymous my cocker kelsey 3yrs old was also playing with a golden and a bulldog.

They put her on an nsaid but in 2 days there was no relief. She got sandwiched between the two and wrenched her lower spine. No tail wagging due to pain by.

The second was sixteen months old when i adopted her with tail already docked. As any other dog a tail of a cocker spaniel performs an essential role in species communication. Docking your dog s tail.

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