Cocker Spaniel That Looks Like Lady From Lady And The Tramp

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And this charming cocker spaniel from the uk really deserves all the love and attention she s getting right now. We ll be counting backwards down to my number 1 disney dog and today we re looking at number 5 lady from lady and the tramp.

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The long low set ears are well feathered.

Cocker spaniel that looks like lady from lady and the tramp. Winnie the puppy that looks like lady from disney s 1955 animated feature film lady and the tramp just look at those giant sweet eyes. Meet winnie the cocker spaniel that looks like a real life disney character. The topline slopes slightly from the front of the.

Cocker spaniel rescue hawaii animal rescue. The muzzle is broad and deep with square even jaws. The teeth meet in a scissors bite.

Merle cocker spaniels can have blue eyes. Winnie the puppy that looks like lady from disney s 1955 animated feature film lady and the tramp. The head is rounded with a pronounced stop.

This adorable dog without a doubt is the best fit for the next disney cartoon remake and we need to see it right now. Cocker spaniels often suffer from loose kneecaps. A real life lady from lady and the tramp or a canine princess.

Cocker spaniels are named after the woodcock bird they traditionally hunted. American cocker spaniels are descended from english cocker spaniels and are bred to be a bit smaller. 0 0 1 login to reply the answers post.

Lady is an american cocker spaniel who was adopted as a puppy by. The eyeballs are dark very round with slight almond shaped eye rims. Any cocker spaniel will somewhat resemble lady provided it is purebred though no certain one will look exactly like her because it is an animation.

Over these past few weeks photos of her have been constantly being shared on the internet. You can see the resemblance even though winnie has lighter eyes she still has that innocently charming face. The american cocker spaniel is a medium sized sturdy dog.

Lady of the film lady and the tramp is a cocker spaniel.

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