Cocker Spaniel Tail Docked

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Tail docking yes or no. The procedure will most likely be performed by a vet and the puppy will quickly recover.

This Is Not My Dog But Is Almost The Spitting Image Of My Sailor

I think that it is barbaric to dock a cocker spaniel s tail.

Cocker spaniel tail docked. Tails should be docked between the age of 3 and 5 days. The breeding standard for cocker spaniels is to dock the tail. Docking a dog s tail any later than this when the dog is older could cause discomfort and pain and would be unpleasant for any dog which is why the process is undertaken at a.

I loved both my dogs equally. Keeping in mind the welfare of the cocker spaniel breed and the function it was bred to perform and as applies to all flushing spaniels the board of directors of the american spaniel club continues to support docked tails for cocker spaniels and all flushing spaniels as an important characteristic required by the breed s function as. The second was sixteen months old when i adopted her with tail already docked.

A cocker spaniel will normally have his tail docked when he is 3 to 4 days old. The main reason for tail docking in cocker spaniels some traditional cocker look that should be always adhered to spaniels with long tails don t look natural. I dock our tails but some breeders take their puppies to their vet to be docked.

Docked tails a vital characteristic of cocker spaniels. This tradition begins upon the use of field working cocker spaniels in flushing games. Bobbie i have owned two beautiful cocker spaniels.

Because of its docked tail the cocker spaniel resorts to a spread stance for static balance it seems tail docking has behavioral effects on dogs as well. Psychologist stanley coren states dogs with no tail are twice as likely to be involved in aggressive encounters than those with tails. Tail docking also effects the dog s balance and gait.

All cocker spaniels are born with tails. The thing is that during the hunting the tail of a cocker. The first one was ten years old when i adopted him with a full beautiful tail.

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