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At first instance they were pets and hunting dogs belonging higher class families. A cocker spaniel with a long flowing coat will need bathing trimming and brushing at least once a week.

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His coat can take the black white brown and red colors of either parent.

Cocker spaniel short hair black and white. As well be sure to give your puppy lots of exercise every day. Their coats come in black and tan red white and red and a tricolor white with black and tan markings. He will weigh between 25 and 50 pounds and measure 15 to 21 inches tall.

This breed is the smallest of the sporting dog group but has a solid and compact body. The cocker spaniel coat may be a variety of colors. The dad is a friends black and tan dog.

Although the american cocker spaniel will point and retrieve game in the field they are very willing little workers. They will be ready to leave on the 12th august 2020. There is 3 black and white boys and 1 black and white girl.

This new breed was named the field spaniel and was recognised by the kennel club in 1892. The cocker spaniel is a friendly loving dog that makes an ideal companion. White black and cream coats are most common.

He will look like a miniature and chunkier version of the vizsla with much less hair than the cocker. Cockers do shed moderately but no more so than other breeds. Cocker spaniels are medium sized dogs making them ideal for a small home or apartment.

Four dogs would act as progenitors for this new breed of which two were cocker spaniels one was a cocker spaniel english water spaniel cross and one was a norfolk spaniel. Non black coats are known as ascob any solid color other than black. This color of coat is similar to black spots on a white background mixed with black hairs.

But quite short on the head and neck. A group of enthusiasts decided to create a large black spaniel breed. One of the best things you can do for your english cocker spaniel is to spend as much time as possible with it.

Blue picardy spaniel. Other colors for the english cocker spaniel are black red or golden. The cocker spaniel has smooth hair of medium length.

His coat is very likely to have the golden rust of the vizsla coat too. The hair should never be curly. The first thing that you will notice about these adorable breed is their continuous wagging tail.

Their heads and coat make cocker spaniels easy to recognize. On the 17th june 2020 our beautiful chocolate cocker spaniel had a litter of 4 cocker spaniel. Referred to as the cocker spaniel in the us this breed does well in the field show ring and home.

They are known for that they have been labeled by many as merry breeds. The american cocker spaniel is a breed which dates back to the 1800s. American cocker spaniels have a long and exuberant coat unlike english cocker spaniels who have shorter and less striking hair.

Black silver cream red or brown or a mix of another color with white. For 18 years total the cocker spaniel was the most popular dog registered with the akc. The english cocker spaniel comes from probably one of the largest group of dog.

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