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The cockapoo is the result of crossing a cocker spaniel with a toy poodle or a miniature poodle. Cocker spaniel vs poodle traits.

A Cocker Spaniel Cavalier King Charles Poodle Mix This Dog Looks

Like the two parents these dogs are generally very happy and affectionate so they can make a great addition to the home of young families or older.

Cocker spaniel poodle mix. Because the cocker spaniel poodle mix dog gets his traits from both parents we ll discuss both sides of the gene pool with their characteristics and demands. The lifespan of a cocker spaniel is in the 10 to 12 years area while the poodle is expected to live for more than 15 years. Your mixed breed dog s life expectancy is largely dependent on the lifespan of the parent dogs.

Spoodle cockerdoodle cockapoodle cocker spaniel poodle mix. Poodle crossbreeds are meant to produce a dog with mixed traits and the poodle s signature nonshedding coat. Socialization training should be imparted to the cockapoo puppies so that they could be able to shed off their aggressive traits if they have any.

Therefore the average life expectancy of a cocker spaniel poodle mix is about 13 years. For instance the median lifespan of a cocker spaniel is 11 5 years while the miniature poodle can live up to 14 years or more. Matty the cockapoo cocker spaniel poodle mix at 2 1 2 years old more and more places are allowing dogs to enter and enjoy a typical day of errands with their owner as opposed to staying at home all day snoozing.

The cockapoo also known as a spoodle or cockerpoo but unfortunately not cockapoodledoodle is a cross between the american cocker spaniel and the poodle a cross originating in the united states. The cocker spaniel poodle mix is intelligent but could be stubborn hence a firm hand is needed to train it in a better way. Matty had a great time and a lot of mental stimulation shopping at athleta.

A cockapoo is a dog crossbreed bred from an cocker spaniel and a miniature poodle. Being a mix you can never be entirely sure of the characteristics of a first generation cockapoo puppy they may be more cocker than poodle or vice versa. As with most animal crossbreeds there is a great deal of.

Cocker spaniel x golden retriever x poodle mix miniature golden retriever cocker spaniel x golden retriever x poodle mix petite goldendoodle cocker spaniel x jack russell terrier mix cocker jack cocker spaniel x japanese chin mix chin ocker cocker spaniel x labrador retriever mix spanador cocker spaniel x labrador retriever x poodle mix petite labradoodle. The cocker spaniel poodle mix is a mix of a cocker spaniel and a miniature or toy poodle and these dogs are often referred to as the cockapoo cockapoodle cockerpoo or the cockerdoodle. Cockapoo puppies when we cross the spaniel with the poodle we generally end up with a smart sociable and energetic puppy.

The cockapoo was first bred by designer dog breeders in the united states with the aim of producing a healthy companion dog it is believed hybrid vigour prevents the crossbreed inheriting most of the health defects of both pedigree parent breeds. The cockapoo is one of the most popular hybrid dogs out there with owners loving the combination of the cocker spaniels s personality and energy with the non shedding coat of the poodle.

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