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Hip dysplasia eye problems and ear infections can be dramatically reduced in. The miniature golden retriever aka comfort retriever is a cute energetic and loyal mixed breed.

Mini Golden Retriever Not An Actual Breed Yet But They Re

A miniature golden retriever is a hybrid mix between a golden retriever a cocker spaniel and sometimes poodle.

Cocker spaniel mini golden retriever. Medium straight and soft coat. The mini golden retriever may be small but she is an active little thing so she ll need lots of exercises. Red golden and fawn coat.

Mini golden retriever basics. She is also called a petite golden retriever a comfort retriever and a mini golden retriever. The miniature golden retriever also sometimes referred to as a comfort retriever golden cavalier or petite golden retriever is a mixed dog breed.

Generally less health problems. 15 to 17 inches at shoulder weight. The miniature golden retriever is a designer hybrid consisting of golden retriever poodle and cocker spaniel.

The mini golden retriever incorporates the golden retriever. What is a mini golden. They are mainly golden retriever mixed with poodle and cocker spaniel.

The benefits of mini goldens. Golden cocker retrievers for sale breed group. The breed originated within the united states.

We register our dogs with the international designer canine registry. 30 to 60 lb height. Golden retriever hybrid cogal mini golden retriever miniature golden retriever breed type.

The miniature golden retriever is a mixed breed but the dogs involved depend on the breeder you go to. For owners who really want a teacup sized golden cocker retriever there are some toy ones on the market. For now it is a cross between the golden retriever cocker spaniel and the poodle at various stages of development and various mixtures of the three.

26 to 34 pounds life span. It is a cross between a golden retriever and most commonly a cocker spaniel cavalier king charles spaniel or a poodle or poodle mix. The mini golden retriever is the trifecta of designer dogs bringing the gentle loving nature of the golden retriever together with the feisty spirit of a cocker spaniel and the low shedding properties of a miniature poodle for a great family dog that is friendly eager to please and a minimal shedder.

What if your mix is 75 golden retriever and 25 cocker spaniel. Golden cocker retriever other names. Some are just golden retriever poodle mixes and some are golden retriever cocker spaniel and poodle mixes.

Also known as english cocker spaniels they re members of the large dog breed family and sport coats in colors of black. 12 14 years if you re searching for golden cocker retriever puppies for sale then say hello to these affectionate and quiet little fur balls. The miniature golden retriever is not yet a purebred dog however there are many breeders independently working on it.

This happens when a cocker spaniel is mixed with a mini golden retriever which is a mix of the golden retriever cocker spaniel and poodle.

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