Cocker Spaniel Grooming Chart

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This is why it is very important to cut care for and groom your spaniel s hair on a regular basis. Created by the breed education committee 2020.

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Tandem with this chart.

Cocker spaniel grooming chart. Those dog owners who choose to groom their pups themselves instead of using the services of professionals need to have some skills. But it is equally important to have the right grooming kit. English cocker spaniel club of america inc.

A cocker spaniel s coat can be difficult to groom because of the abundance of hair and how easily the hair can get matted clumped and tangled. Pet grooming clipper blade chart whether you have just one dog or cat or you re a professional dog groomer you know how important it is to keep your pet clean and groomed. Cocker spaniels have a thick and luxuriant coat that grows very quickly.

A b a c e d e c f f e f e. Beginners guide to basic show grooming an english cocker spaniel a head ears and throat d hock c shoulder sides of neck f fringe. These outgoing pooches even seem to have a sense of humor.

This means their hair falls out most of the time. This will help prevent matting and tangles both of which can make grooming uncomfortable for you and your pet. Cocker spaniel make great friends.

Hauptner real nichrostand classic or mars. You need to be very careful because it tends to get tangled up and become rough and matted. Unfortunately they have lots of hair and shed.

Grooming an english cocker spaniel at home is fine but you should know that these dogs are notorious for being wriggly and impatient. The cocker spaniel can excel in most environments when provided proper grooming and training. Even if you have someone else do it you should have some idea of how to groom an english cocker spaniel.

If you are planning on have an extravagant show coat you may want to consider a professional groomer. Tools clipper oster or andis with 10 blade ar d 7 blade for pet trim strippers stripping knife with teeth not blades to be use in a comb like fashion not as you would strip a terrier with thumb and pulling best tlpes. If you live in a hot area be sure to keep your dog cool by avoiding exercise during the hottest parts of the day.

Purchase high quality grooming instruments. With the right grooming habits you can keep shedding under control untangle hair prevent and control skin conditions and more. Grooming of pedigree dogs is a mandatory procedure but it is not as simple as it can seem.

Basic show trimming courtesy the english cocker spaniel club of america inc. Purchasing high quality instruments will help you achieve the look that you want for your dog s coat and minimize the chances of injury to your dog s skin due to poor quality tools. They are alert lively and smart.

The cocker spaniel s extensive coat means that he does not generally do well in extreme heat. Cocker spaniels should have a daily brushing routine. There are several types of haircut that work perfectly for cocker spaniels.

You can cut your cocker s hair very short for easier maintenance or leave it longer the choice is yours. He will leave fur on your upholstery and carpet if he is not properly groomed best clippers for cocker spaniel ensure a smoother and efficient grooming time read.

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