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Personally i prefer a cocker s eyelashes to be trimmed short. Now get cleaning you cocker spaniels tear stains as there s not a finer looking face than a clean well groomed cocker spaniel.

Snowflakes That Stay On His Nose And Eyelashes

A cocker spaniel with trimmed eyelashes.

Cocker spaniel eyelashes. In distichiasis the position and direction of growth of some eyelashes is abnormal so that they touch the surface of the eyeball depending on the extent of the number the degree of contact the bristliness of the eyelashes and perhaps other factors this can lead to abrasion. A cocker spaniel as well as other purebreds has a genetic predisposition to certain illnesses and conditions. Dye to the direction the eyelashes grow they may touch the eyeball surface.

Distichia abnormal eyelash growth. The hair on the side of the head and down the muzzle and partially down the ear are shaved close but there is a sort of top knot area that is left and scissored thinning sheared into the skull. Those beautiful cocker spaniel eyelashes can also be the source of problems if the dog is affected with distichiasis.

The breed has such a high propensity to eye issues from glaucoma to progressive retinal atrophy cherry eye and more so i keep them trimmed short. Cockers are a beautiful breed inside and out but i prefer eyelashes trimmed. Her uncommon appearance and unique features awed people on social media.

It is crucial for a spaniel owner to spot the early symptoms of an eye disease and visit a vet doctor before the problem becomes irretrievable. Cocker spaniel english american distichiasis. Cocker spaniels cloe and nena are becoming a viral social media sensation thanks to their luscious lashes.

Due to this and how harsh the contact is dogs can suffer from any number of conditions including ulcers abrasions inflammation and eye tissue. Winnie the cocker spaniel who lives with owners ellée and tom in the uk has left fans awestruck with her doe like eyes and fluttering eyelashes leading to comparisons with disney characters. Certain breeds of dogs have wild unruly eyebrows and eyelashes that you must trim occasionally if you want your dog to look like a show dog rather than a street mongrel.

Meet winnie the cocker spaniel that looks like a real life disney character. The italian pups eyelashes which have grown up to 6 centimeters long are 100. Schnauzers are especially known for fast growing eyebrows as are some yorkshire terriers and cocker spaniels.

Go look up the american cocker spaniel club s website and look at photos of properly groomed cockers even english cockers have the same grooming done. Winnie s captivating huge hazel colored puppy eyes framed with long fluttery eyelashes most girls would be jealous of have earned her the well deserved title of princess.

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