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Their common causes and symptoms and how you can help to keep your cocker spaniel s ears healthy and infection free. Cocker spaniels have an exceptionally large area of sensitive tissue leading to their ear canal compared to other.

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Check out my tips on buying a cocker puppy tips on raising a cocker puppy potty training tips tips on delivering a litter of puppies how to be a responsible breeder information about how to prevent ear infections and an amusing list of the top ten signs that your cocker is addicted to tennis balls.

Cocker spaniel ear infections pictures. Because of the way the cocker s ear hangs down over the ear canal and because of the long hair on the ear there isn t much ventilation in to the ear canal. Cocker spaniels are a much loved breed featuring silky coats and long soft ears. Things get warm and moist in there and those are ideal conditions for infections to get started.

Symptoms of ear infection in dogs. May 7 2012 home recipe for cocker spaniel ear cleaner. Vets normally treat ear infections by cleaning the canal thoroughly and prescribing antibiotic or anti fungal medication.

One of the most common cocker spaniel health issues is ear infections. Works for all dogs. Read on to learn about specific ear problems in dogs.

Dog ear infection external otitis is fairly common in cocker spaniels. We owe it to our pets to understand what causes infection and how we can spot the symptoms to help us make our dog s ear problems a thing of the past read on to discover how to tell if your dog has an ear infection. In general treating ear infections involves cleaning the ears and treating them with topical i e ear drops or oral medications.

Most ear infections can be caught early and require only topical cleaning and treatment which can be done easily at home. In the study by saridomichelakis et al 2007 44 of the cocker spaniels treated for otitis externa were found to have atopy. In severe and advanced cases a vet must examine the dog diagnose specific complications and perform lab tests.

Works for all dogs. Tips for dealing with ear infections in cocker spaniels including a instructions on how to make your own ear cleaning solution. Older cocker spaniels are also predisposed to hypothyroidism which is an additional primary factor milne and hayes 1981.

These factors all tend to result in increased humidity in the ear canal. The vet may prescribe both oral and topical. Allow your vet to clean and treat your cocker spaniel s ears.

Expect sensitivity if your cocker spaniel has an infection. If your cocker spaniel has chronic ear infections your vet may recommend doing a food trial to identify the allergy causing ingredient. It s a well known fact that cocker spaniels often suffer from ear problems especially if they re not checked.

May 7 2012 home recipe for cocker spaniel ear cleaner. Ear ablation is a final fix for infections that cannot be managed with conventional methods. Dog ear infections can be painful.

Unfortunately those long heavy ears stop air circulating in the ear canal which combined with the natural waxes produced by the ear canal and body heat make the ear canal a perfect breeding ground for infection.

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