Cocker Spaniel Brown Lab Mix

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She is great at tricks loves retrieving loves hide and seek and treasure hunts and generally likes to be stimulated. This cocker spaniel mix is also half america s favorite breed so you know this guy is going to be a big deal he has the friendliness of both of his parents as well as his energy and sense of adventure.

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Cocker spaniel labrador retriever.

Cocker spaniel brown lab mix. He is a lab cocker spaniel mix amy aka babba the spanador at 2 years old amy is a very affectionate intelligent dog a bit bigger than a working cocker. As you may already know these two parent breeds have some of the best traits among dogs and a mix gives the spanador a significant advantage in terms of characteristics. It is also known as a spanador.

Labrador cocker spaniel mix puppies for sale. The cocker spaniel lab mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the cocker spaniel and the labrador retriever. Leave a reply cancel reply.

In this article we discuss some general concerns about first generation cross breeds before diving into specifics about cocker spaniel labs. See photos of the spanadors from around the world. Both of these dogs have very sweet personalities and are people dogs.

The cocker spaniel lab mix is a dog that results from the crossbreeding of the american cocker spaniel with the labrador retriever. These adorable pups are another popular cocker spaniel mix. They can come from parents of all colors and this is one of the few spaniel mixes that often has a black coat.

A cocker spaniel maltese mix is a laid back dog that is easy to live with if well trained. The labrador cocker spaniel mix also known as the spanador cockador cockerdor is not a purebred dog. They may have white markings.

1 cocker spaniel labrador retriever mix. Lab springer mix coat. The hair can range from straight to wiry and curly.

Cocker spaniel and maltese mix is a designer dog that was bred by accident. Most labrador springer spaniel mixes will probably have black brown or cream colored coats. Required fields are marked comment.

This makes their fur more waterproof. They tend to have medium to long coats that are somewhat dense. The spanador mixes the cocker spaniel and the labrador.

They will be a wagging tail when you come home over next week. The cocker spaniel lab mix is the result of cross breeding an american cocker spaniel and a labrador retriever affectionately referred to as a spanador cockador or cockerdor. They are going to want to please you as much as possible and probably love to play ball.

A cocker spaniel maltese mix is one of the rarest designer dogs. It is a cross between the labrador and the cocker spaniel. They are treasured for their long exquisite and silky coats.

The spanador also called a cockerdor or cockador is a mix between a labrador retriever and a cocker spaniel. Your email address will not be published.

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