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Their heads and coat make cocker spaniels easy to recognize. The american cocker spaniel was never used as extensively as a gun and hunting dog in the united states although it is excellent in hunting upland game birds such as pheasants quail and partridges the cocker spaniel become increasingly popular and was one of the most popular breeds of dogs according to the american kennel club in the 1940 s.

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For 18 years total the cocker spaniel was the most popular dog registered with the akc.

Cocker spaniel breeds pictures. The cocker spaniel was first recognized by the american kennel club in 1878 and a national breed club followed about three years later. The spaniels were bred down in size and given the name american cocker spaniels officially called simply the cocker spaniel by the akc. After decades of breeding the differences between cocker spaniels in the us and cocker spaniels overseas became more and more pronounced.

The hallmark of the breed are the flappy long ears hanging past the shoulders and the low set tail which is thick at the base and tampering at the end. Known for its charming looks and cheerful disposition the cocker spaniel makes a beloved family companion. This breed is the smallest of the sporting dog group but has a solid and compact body.

They re a pretty sturdy dog and can grow to between 38 46 cm in height 15 18 and can weigh up to 16 kg 35 lbs. The breed originated from the english cocker spaniels which were brought to the united states. Referred to as the cocker spaniel in the us this breed does well in the field show ring and home.

The russian spaniel breeds looks similar to the cocker spaniel although they re taller and have a slightly longer body. See more ideas about cocker spaniel spaniel cocker spaniel puppies. Smart friendly and loveable is there anything about this breed not to love.

Aug 11 2014 the cocker spaniel pictures on this page prove what a beautiful breed this truly is. The cocker spaniel dates back as far as the 14th century. Find cute cocker spaniel puppy pictures on this page too.

The cocker spaniel is primarily a beloved companion dog breed though they remain a capable bird dog at heart beautiful to look at and labor intensive to groom the cocker s amenable. The cocker spaniel is a sporting breed and should maintain good muscle tone although the breed is not one that needs a lot of exercise for the purpose of discharging an abundance of energy. The cocker spaniel is a medium sized dog with solid compact body and soft dreamy and melting facial expression.

Aside from the popular mixes listed above. The mixes of cocker spaniel formed by crossing with other purebreds would mostly possess the pleasing personality of its parent while being quite friendly with kids and other dogs in the family.

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