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Old cocker and an 18 year old cat but as they are clearly aging we felt we were ready to add a younger pet into the mix. Until 1990 the cocker was the most popular breed registered by the american kennel club.

Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Puppies Spaniel Puppies Puppies

They can sometimes be sensitive however and benefit from good socialization and training and gentle handling to keep their manners in check find everything you need to understand all about this gorgeous breed.

Cocker spaniel breed qualities. The cocker has a soft personality. We already had a 13 yr. As a rule of thumb the cocker spaniel temperament is just wonderful.

Larger than the american cocker and with less coat the english cocker is devoted affectionate and funny. Today the cocker spaniel and the english cocker spaniel are considered separate breeds. Without doubt the spaniel is a beautiful looking dog.

In 1892 the cocker. But alas during the recent covid period there were no local puppies to be had. Beautiful sweet natured and moderately sized the cocker s popularity bounded happily forward after world war ii with the two time westminster best in show winner ch.

My wife and i recently decided to add a new cocker spaniel to our family. American fanciers selected for smaller size greater coat and a rounder head. Cocker spaniels were introduced to the united states in the late 1800s and were still considered the same breed as the english cocker spaniel.

These days the cocker spaniel is ranked down at 25 but his jolly personality versatile size and intelligence still make him a popular choice for people looking for a family pet. Before the golden retriever and labrador set the modern bar for the great with kids family companion no breed was more beloved or popular than the cocker spaniel. English cocker spaniel breed characteristics dog breed information.

Cocker spaniel characteristics are appealing to everyone because they re so loving and affectionate. The cocker spaniel is a sporting breed and should maintain good muscle tone although the breed is not one that needs a lot of exercise for the purpose of discharging an abundance of energy. The first kennel to gain recognition for the cocker spaniel as a distinct breed in england was the obo kennel of mr.

These dogs smaller than english springer spaniels but larger than english toy spaniels were the ancestors of the modern cocker spaniel. Their adoring brown eyes and soft droopy ears their silky soft coat but most of all it s their loving temperament which makes them the most popular of the spaniel breed. Among them was the cocker so called because they specialized in woodcock.

Until 1990 the cocker spaniel was the breed of choice for families in the u s according to american kennel club records.

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