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While removal of the third eyelid will completely rid your dog of cherry eye it will almost definitely lead to a problem called dry eye. There seems to be a higher than normal rate of cocker spaniels affected with cherry eye dubbed so for the cherry looking nature of the gland when it protrudes.

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It is a common condition in the cocker spaniel usually due to hereditary and is caused by the cartilage in the third eyelid being too weak.

Cocker spaniel 3rd eyelid. This third eyelid also contains a tear gland and cherry eye is where the tear gland bursts out of its normal position and appears in the inside corner of the eye as a red swelling. Prolapsed third eyelid gland. The medical term for cherry eye is nictitans gland prolapse or prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid.

A tear gland that is situated in the third eyelid bursts out of its regular position. Cocker spaniels are a breed. That third eyelid is called the nictating membrane or sometimes the haw the pigmentation of the haw varies in dogs but one thing is for sure.

In some cases a surgery can be done to tack down the gland so it will stay underneath the third eyelid. A cocker spaniel as well as other purebreds has a genetic predisposition to certain illnesses and conditions. Unlike people dogs have a third eyelid that contains a tear gland and is located in the corner of each eye.

Dry eye is a condition that occurs because when the third eyelid is removed your dog will lose up to 40 of its tear production. This surgery involves complete and total removal of the third eyelid. It will bend over backwards allowing the gland to pop up and become visible.

It is crucial for a spaniel owner to spot the early symptoms of an eye disease and visit a vet doctor before the problem becomes irretrievable. Under normal circumstances this gland is not visible and aids in the production of tears. Pteg is also often referred to as cherry eye.

Your cocker spaniel has a third eyelid which protects his eyeball.

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