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The chihuahua originated in mexico possibly from techichi lineage and is named after the mexican state of chihuahua. These pooches are cute and blessed with good looks and pleasant nature.

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Cute Dogs

The pomeranian chihuahua mix will need consistent brushing several times a week.

Chihuahua pomeranian mix breeds. Like other pomeranian mix breeds the personality of the pom a pug is affectionate charming loyal and alert to any intruders. Generally most pomeranian chihuahua mixes will retain a fluffy coat from the pomeranian side especially if mixed with a long coat chihuahua. They can come in many different colors such as black sable brown blue merle and plain solid colors.

With the pomeranian chihuahua mix your pup will likely be between 4 7 pounds. These two dogs are very cute so creating this pomeranian chihuahua mix might seem like a surefire win. The pomeranian chihuahua mix is a small breed dog with a well proportioned body and they are slightly longer than it is in their height.

A pom a pug is also easy to groom and is a moderate shedder. Pom chi pros and cons pomeranian dog chihuahua dog compare pomeranian and chihuahua breeds cheagles mal chi chi pin. As with all mixed breeds the appearance can vary widely and there is no way to predict the exact proportions of this mixed pup.

Pomeranian papillon papipom source. Learn more about the details and what to look out for in this in depth guide to the pomchi. Pomapug puguranian or pom a pug.

Pomeranian has been successfully mixed with chihuahua dachshund husky poodle boston terrier maltese yorkshire terrier beagle pug and more. Many pomeranian mix canines like the papipom they act like big dogs despite their diminutive size. Even if mixed breeds tend to live longer than their parents you should carefully choose a puppy with purebred parents that are health tested to hopefully have your pom chi mixes live longer than their lifespan of 9 to 17 years.

This small adorable hybrid is the resulting breed of two of the most popular small breed dogs a mix between a pug and a pomeranian the pom a pug generally weighs between 5 and 16 pounds. Unfortunately there are some definite health issues facing both breeds that cannot be ignored. The pomchi is a designer breed resulting from the cross of a pomeranian dog and a chihuahua dog.

The pomeranian mix breeds are a type of hybrid dogs that have this specific pooch mix breed with other canine. It has round head amber or brown colored round eyes medium size pointed ears and a elegant muzzle narrowing towards the nose end. The pomeranian chihuahua mix may look aloof or act standoffish.

Their muzzle is short and pointed such as the chihuahua breed and the tail is long with a curl over the back. If the chihuahua pomeranian mix dog gets socialized from a young age the dog stands a better chance of not barking unreasonably. The pomeranian is a breed descended in part from the spitz and it hails from eastern europe.

The socialization sessions should be upbeat and short as you introduce a few experiences each time.

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