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This nice little article on runners world will give you an idea of what type of runner your dog is likely to be. Although any dog can participate certain breeds are better suited for particular running conditions.

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All abilities of humans and most breeds of dogs can participate.

Canicross dog breeds. If you are already running with your dog s you already do canicross. Return from canicross to dog breeds expert. Sonny the shar pei puppy from swansea wales uk the winner of our september competition aren t i just the cutest.

Their energy and athleticism make them ideal running partners. Canicross is not appropriate until your dog is fully grown so generally over a year old or even 18 months for large breeds. An appropriate amount of pulling in harness.

Let s see if your buddy is part one of the top 10 best dog breeds for canicross. Check with your veterinarian before you start training your dog to make sure they are the correct age and in the right shape to run. Canicross is a dog powered sport where the dog is harnessed and attached to the runner by a bungee.

Dog of the month. I was given phidgit my dalmatian for my 30th birthday present and he is a great canicross running and guard dog as well as being part of the family. Some breeds are more suited to pulling a load than others.

Canicross canine cross country means running with your dog. Thank you to tina his mum for. There is more experience of multi breed suitability to pulling in the world of canine weight pulling than there is in canicross.

The sport started with mushers training their lead sled dogs when there was no snow. The best dog breeds for canicross are weimaraners vizslas border collies airedale terriers and many other ones. This breed is originally from the uk like most terrier breeds and are considered to be one of the strongest dog breeds due to their musculature.

Canicross is suitable for any breed of dog as long as the dog is healthy enough to participate. Senior dogs many senior dogs are exceptionally fit and healthy and may be able to continue running into their golden years but it is important that you judge sensibly when retirement may be most appropriate. Sonny the 10 week old shar pei from swansea wales uk is the winner of our september photo competition with a puppy love theme.

They re also considered to be tough and active which makes them perfect to go running next to or for participating in canicross.

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