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Pomeranian chihuahua mixes come in a wide array of different color coats. Pomeranian and chihuahua are very popular dog breeds with small bodies.

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Pomeranian vs chihuahua health.

Can a pomeranian chihuahua. F1 pom chi puppies can favor one of the parents or be an almost equal mix of both parents. Don t be fooled by her size she s active and she also makes a good watchdog. The dog may show signs of limping and may develop lameness if.

The pomchi or pomerianian chihuahua mix is a small and very cute looking breed. Shorter haired pets won t need as much brushing but they shouldn t be neglected. The most common though.

Find out more including where you can adopt pomchi puppies. What these dogs lack in size they will more than make it up for in character. The personality and behavior of a pomchi.

This affects the dog s kneecaps. You can also find pomchis in fawn dark brown white tan cream gray merle and sable. They are alert active and loyal companions.

The fluffy outer coat mildly domed skull and small ears are recognizable in pomeranians when compared with chihuahuas. The pomeranian has an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years and the chihuahua s is even longer at 15 to 20 years. Pomeranian cross chihuahua grooming can be very important particularly to those dogs with longer fuller coats.

With the pomeranian chihuahua mix your pup will likely be between 4 7 pounds. Their appearance and behavior can be hard to predict. A great deal of these dogs are a so called first generation mix aka a 50 50 mix of the two purebreds.

Pomeranian chihuahua mix is a hybrid dog and is more resilient to the diseases that affect its parents. The pomeranian s beautiful soft coat is a major draw for the breed but it also requires major upkeep. Coat color and markings.

Black pomchis are less common but still very much sought after. As with all mixed breeds the appearance can vary widely and there is no way to predict the exact proportions of this mixed pup. Generally most pomeranian chihuahua mixes will retain a fluffy coat from the pomeranian side especially if mixed with a long coat chihuahua.

Pomchis are intelligent but stubborn so you should start training early. However you should on the watch out for certain conditions. The primary health conditions that affect pomchi parents include.

Whatever its coat color though the pomeranian chihuahua mix will look irresistible. The chihuahua often has a soft spot on his skull called a molera similar to that of a new born baby. Resulting from a crossbreeding between a pomeranian and a chihuahua the pom chi is a hybrid dog.

Matted hair is unpleasant for any dog so make sure grooming and brushing becomes part of your regular weekly routine if you own a pomchi. They can be calm and affectionate while being cute or excitable and active while being fierce. Chihuahuas have a domed skull with large rectangular ears and the coat is either longhaired or smooth.

Proper care can help maximize an individual dog s longevity. The pomeranian and the chihuahua are generally healthy dogs who both live up to the age of around 16 but often the chihuahua lives a little bit longer than the pomeranian.

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