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By definition a buckle fracture is a stable fracture and stable fractures are less painful. Common in children buckle fractures occur when one side of a.

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A clavicle fracture is a bone fracture in the clavicle or collarbone.

Buckle fracture collarbone. It is often caused by a fall onto an outstretched upper extremity a fall onto a shoulder or a direct blow to the clavicle. Clavicle fractures involve approximately 5 of all fractures seen. More than half of all clavicle fractures occur in children under 10 years of age.

The most common way to diagnosis a buckle fracture is by having an x ray taken. The pain may subside if the injured limb is protected. A buckle fracture can also happen because of trauma such as a car wreck or being hit by something heavy called blunt force trauma.

One of these is the buckle fracture. They result from trabecular compression due to an axial loading force along the long axis of the bone. They are usually seen in children frequently involving the distal radial metaphysis.

The x ray can diagnosis if it is a buckle fracture and if not what type of fracture it is and how severe it is. A fracture occurs when the continuity of a bone is broken and there are many different types. Fortunately the vast majority of collar bone fractures in kids are simple and will heal easily with no specific therapy.

The collar bone clavicle is the most frequently fractured bone in children so you are not alone with this dilemma. Torus fractures also known as buckle fractures are incomplete fractures of the shaft of a long bone that is characterized by bulging of the cortex. A buckle fracture causes a lot of acute pain.

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