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Trim or file his nails at least bi weekly. A great example of a stereotypical poodle mix is the super small teacup or toy goldendoodle.

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This mixed dog is the result of a breeding between a poodle usually the standard and the boxer.

Boxerdoodles. While the poodle s hair is both non shedding and hypoallergenic the boxer sheds moderately and is non hypoallergenic. Poodle crosses are often thought of to be cute and teddy bear like. This breed is a true hard worker.

They are typically a larger dog with an. As with all dogs the boxerdoodle s. The boxerdoodle is a good hunting dog and is also popular in the military as a working dog.

Boxerdoodles thanks to their boxer genetics have thick toenails that grow quickly. With the boxer s short glossy coat and the poodle s curly coat boxerdoodles could have a curly wavy or straight coat. Boxerdoodles need to stick to a healthy diet as overeating can cause weight gain and associated health problems especially if adequate exercise isn t offered.

This rare boxer poodle mix loves children is easy to train and can perform a variety of agility tasks if given a proper high protein diet. Without sufficient exercise these dogs become bored and may show signs of aggression. Boxerdoodles have an expected lifespan of 10 to 14 years but one of its parents the poodle is known to have incredibly long lifespans.

They can adapt to apartment life provided they are taken out regularly for long leashed walks and play sessions in a fenced yard. This includes a bath nail trim ear cleaning fur brushing and teeth brushing. The boxerdoodle is one of the most un talked designer dogs out there.

The poodle average can go up to 18 years and we ve actually heard of poodles that have lived to almost 30 years. Boxerdoodles love to jog and run especially in wide open spaces. It s no wonder police officers use this dog in their field work.

One can only hope that his or her pet could live a long life. The texture and appearance of the coat can vary. Boxerdoodles don t quite fit that mold.

Boxerdoodles don t necessarily fit with your first expectation when you think of a poodle mix breed. If you re uncomfortable doing this yourself ask a groomer to give your boxerdoodle the full grooming treatment. She is great at jumping and her talents are in competitive obedience watchdog police work guarding obedience.

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