Boston Terrier Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

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The mother is pure boston terrier and the father is pure pomeranian. They aren t going to get very big so a small apartment will be more than enough to house the 6 to 25 pound chibo.

Chihuahua Pomeranian Puppy Takes A Nap Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Ella the pomston boston terrier pomeranian mix breed dog at 1 year old weighing 14 pounds up side down this is cookie a pomston pup.

Boston terrier pomeranian chihuahua mix. It s important to make sure that you are getting quality when you re looking for boston terrier chihuahua mix puppies for sale. Chihuahua boston terrier mix chibo a chibo also called a bohuahua has one chihuahua parent and one boston terrier parent. Also known as the bochi chibo or the bohuahua the boston terrier chihuahua mix is the offspring of the boston terrier and the chihuahua.

Find puppies from reputable breeders in pa indiana and more. Tan boston terrier chihuahua mix. Nov 22 2014 explore patty hilton1 patty hilton1 s board boston terrier chihuahua dogs on pinterest.

They may be small but will have a ton of energy and a feisty attitude very much like a terrier. Whenever you have a dog that is the designed offspring of two purebred parents you have what most people call a crossbreed and crossbreeding comes with its share of controversy. Find puppies from reputable breeders in pa indiana and more.

The jack chi is the chihuahua jack russell terrier hybrid and is perhaps one of the most popular mixes for good reason. Chibos or the bohuahua is a toy breed combination of the chihuahua and the boston terrier. At times it may seem like the jack chi has an unlimited supply of energy.

Boston terrier information including pictures training behavior and care of boston terriers and dog breed mixes. The pomeranian mix breeds are a type of hybrid dogs that have this specific pooch mix breed with other canine. The puppy has very much the build of the boston terrier and temperament as well.

The boston huahua is also known as the bochi or bo chi the chibo or chibo or chi bo or the bohuahua. See more ideas about chihuahua dogs boston terrier chihuahua. The boston terrier is one of the most well known breeds in the world so it s easy to see why people will be seeking out purebred boston terrier chihuahua mix puppies for sale.

The coat range for the chibo can be anywhere from brown to white to black. However he may inherit a stubborn streak from the cairn terrier side. The average life expectancy of a chihuahua terrier mix is 15 years.

So looking for a lazy lap dog look elsewhere. Pomeranian boston terrier mix pomston poodle boston terrier mix bossipoo pug boston terrier mix bugg. This 7 week old hyper playful pup loves to play tug of.

She is a small but bold dog in two breed groups non sporting and southern with talents in companionship agility and watchdog. Chihuahua and boston terrier mix. Pomeranian has been successfully mixed with chihuahua dachshund husky poodle boston terrier maltese yorkshire terrier beagle pug and more.

This pup will likely be quite. She is a mix of the boston terrier and the chihuahua. If you own a pomeranian and would like to share information with us or have pictures.

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