Blue White Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

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Colour and coat length is of no concern to us since the original german stock also accepted long hair and any colour including white. Although the standard gsd does not have a bad temperament the long haired has an even better one.

Long Haired German Shepherd On A Big Stone Isolated On White

Sometimes multiple litters will be born with no long coats born in the litters at all while other times there could be 1 3 puppies born.

Blue white long haired german shepherd puppies. Another noticeable difference is the long haired gsd prefers to be in. Both dogs will have an undercoat but the difference is that the top coat of a long haired german shepherd will be longer. The standard siblings have a litter size of between four to nine puppies however the number of long haired german shepherd puppies in a litter is between one to three.

Temperament dog owners will be impressed by the eagerness and obedience of the long haired german shepherd it is well known that the long haired gsd has a better temperament compared to the standard german shepherd. All of our dogs are gentle with children and adults alike they have an affectionate nature and are exceptionally loyal. Longer coated german shepherds are not available in every litter born.

Blue german shepherd puppies the gsd is a great choice for all active dog owners including families singles and couples. A german shepherd with short hair has the same insulating undercoat as any german shepherd regardless of coat color. Long haired german shepherd puppies these puppies are super fluffy soft and even resemble little bears.

Short haired white german shepherd. The long coat gsd has longer and silkier hair on the chest back face tail and on the backside of its legs. The traditional gsd appearance.

Ptsd therapy search rescue no task too small. A blue german shepherd puppy will cost between 1 200 1 500 usd. However our main focus is temperament.

The skeleton and structure of a long haired german shepherd will be the same as a short haired german shepherd. German shepherd puppy white blue eyed peterborough cambridgeshire we have decided to put our beloved bear for sale due to us not having the time for him he is a 4 month old puppy we have the pedigree papers to go with him he is a top of the line purebred pedigree. German shepherds with longer coats are no different than a normal coated german shepherd in any way other than the length of the coat.

Pet price is 1 500. These dogs are rarer than their tan and black saddle siblings i e. These dogs give you their entire heart.

These dogs make for hard working dogs who excel in guarding herding service search and rescue. The short haired white german shepherd dog is more common than the long haired white gsd. Upcoming littersdeposits are 400.

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