Blue Pitbull Puppies With Cropped Ears

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I have had lot s of pit bull and never crop tails or ears off. When is the best pitbull ear cropping age.

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I love them like my own kids.

Blue pitbull puppies with cropped ears. May 24 2016 blue nose pitbull puppies with cropped ears. Ear cropping generally takes place when a puppy is between eight and twelve weeks old while the cartilage and muscles of the ears are not yet fully developed and will allow the cropped ears to. Unless you plan on showing your dog which you can t anyways then you have no reason to crop the dog s ears.

As with any surgery there are risks associated with. I have a 11 year old red nose and a 6 year old blue nose. Some people think that the ears of the dog will only stand up if they are cropped as the puppy.

Like make sure you choose a puppy without cropped ears or putting her in a bright i m friendly jacket. When should you have done ear cropping. Why crop pit bull ears.

Reasons why pitbull ears should not be cropped. Pitbull owners need a plan. It means that you can actually get the ears of.

May 24 2016 blue nose pitbull puppies with cropped ears. While beautiful this can lead to health problems. I suggest not putting the poor dog through any more ridiculous procedures though.

They are ver nice dog s and there only mean if you raise them that way. Popular breeds that often have their ears cropped include doberman pinschers boxers schnauzers great danes boston terriers and pit bull terriers. But do note that it doesn t.

Pitbull ear cropping is a needless painful medical procedure. Cropping a pitbull s ear is not healthy as few may believe. What is a blue pit bull.

As this study found dogs with modified ears were perceived as being more aggressive more dominant and less playful than dogs with natural ears. How strong is a pit bull. This opinion is completely not true.

Not only are there no benefits for the dog it can actually be harmful for them. The wound may itch bleed and develop scarring and or infections. How to crate train a pit bull puppy.

Why you should never crop a pitbull s ears. We have affiliate relationships with the providers amazon clickbank etc of the products goods and services that are linked to on this page and may be compensated when you buy. In fact the ears of the dog will stand up regardless of when they are cropped.

Contact the vet and let him know what has occured and see what he says. It is a false claim that cropping ears can make the dog healthy by lowering the risks of ear infection. Some blue nose pitbull breeders have started specifically breeding blue nose pitbulls together to create blue nose pitbull puppies.

It was a good reason when pits were used in dogfighting. Also ear cropping is ridiculous mutilation to poor animals. Ear cropping is a surgical procedure that is done purely for cosmetic reasons and your pitbull puppy does not benefit from it in any way.

The procedure is done on puppies below twelve months of age and not on full grown dogs. Adopt blue nose pitbull pupppies when you are searching for intelligent loyal. May 10 2020 at 1 05 pm.

Let us look at the reasons why pitbull ears should not be cropped.

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