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Blue nose pitbulls are easy to groom. Blue nose pitbull refers to american pitbull terriers who have a blue nose.

Blue White Blue Nose Pit Pup With Cropped Ears Pitbull Terrier Dog Breeds Bull Terrier Dog

The specific genetic trait is a recessive one and it causes this specific and very interesting pigmentation of the nose of these dogs.

Blue nose pitbull show dogs. Sadly they were originally bred for blood sports but these days they enjoy a happier life as companion dogs. Their weight usually varies between 30 to 50 pounds but you may see a pit bull weighing 100 pounds as. Kids love to hang around with them on a number of occasions.

We only breed purebred blue nose american pitbull terrier and because we specialize we breed only show quality dogs. Blue nose pitbulls are indeed rare but they are not a different breed from the american pitbull terrier. One of the best things about that blue coat is that it is easy to groom.

They are small and loveable. Blue nose pitbull puppies are young dogs you can adopt them and can train them as the way you want it. Blue nose pitbulls appear to have similar life spans to other pitbulls.

Many people think of the blue nose pitbull as a separate breed where really they are just a rarer form of the american pitbull terrier which is more commonly known as a pitbull or pit. This unusual coloring is a recessive trait that is caused when certain genes trigger less melanin production in a dog. While some blue nose pitbulls may suffer from increased health problems the average pitbull lifespan is 10 to 15 years.

The physical appearance of blue nose pit bulls. The blue nose pitbull is a rare breed of pitbull and is a result of a recessive gene which means they are bred from a smaller gene pool. Blue nose pitbull overview.

Some breeders try to pass off blue nose pitbulls as a different dog breed. They possess more energy instead of big dogs. Bluenose pit bulls have stronger jaw as compared to other breeds of the pit bull.

We ship throughout us canada and the rest of the world for a lot less. Give us a call text today at 682 226 6866. This is not a separate breed but a regular pitbull with a blue coloring.

The blue nose pitbull is a color variation of the american pitbull terrier. Blue nose pitbulls are rare american pit bulls with beautiful blue grey noses and are simply a bloodline which carries this recessive feature rather than a separate dog breed. Be wary of pitbull kennels who charged high prices for selling these dogs.

They have a wide square shape head with broad and strong physic. They are characterized of course by their blue noses. We don t just breed and sell blue pitts they are our family too.

1 blue nose pitbull puppies. Pitbull dogs are famous for their muscular body. They are not a unique breed.

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