Blue Merle American Cocker Spaniel Colors

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Meet jackie a gorgeous apartment size stunning coated blue merle apri registered. Despite the fact that merle colored cocker spaniels exist they are not considered an authentic breed.

Blue Merle Cocker Spaniel Spaniel Puppies Cocker Spaniel Cocker Spaniel Puppies

I find it interesting when pet people are looking for a cocker and they don t know.

Blue merle american cocker spaniel colors. Find blue and merle cocker spaniel puppiess from a breeder near you. The american spaniel club recently published blue book the study of the cocker spaniel which illustrates and outlines the breed standard. The picture on the left is a sheltie with what the sheltie breeders would call a blue merle coat.

While the merle coat pattern is very uncommon in american cocker spaniels it s not at all uncommon in several other breeds. Sable merle girl one brown eye one blue eye one blue and one partial merle no blue eyes you can see this is a chocolate merle. It s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site.

No sporting breed including the cocker spaniel and the english cocker spaniel has ever been merle. But the merle gene has caused all but some small patches of his chocolate fur to be diluted to a tan color. Associations like the american spaniel club inc.

The term merle cocker is actually an oxymoron. Merle cockers asc views updated. Dec 9 2014 explore blue fawn s board blue merle cocker spaniel on pinterest.

A cocker with the merle color pattern is not a pure bred cocker spaniel. Valliant is a blue merle parti. The board of the asc asked the ascf to take on the task of researching the hereditary aspects and related issues of merle cocker spaniels.

March 26 2010 updated. March 26 2011 akc breeds who have merle in them please read this newest update. The truth about merle cocker spaniels.

Permission to copy is granted. 1 2 face a cocker spaniel with or without eye rims with a lack of color around the eye. Two chocolate merle cocker puppies and a blue merle parti cocker puppy in this litter.

Believe that breeding merle colored dogs poses serious health risks and should be ceased. See more ideas about cocker spaniel spaniel blue merle. The american kennel club says a cocker spaniel must be free and merry as part of its breed standard.

The specific hypothesis presented to the ascf was that the merle color was not a cocker spaniel color but was instead introduced into the gene pool by a specific breeding that occurred in the 1980s. Standards apply to type structure gait and temperament. Blue is five years old merle cocker spaniel he is continental kc registered.

Up close photo of a merle s eye partial blue eye this is the same dog at a farther distance merle both blue eyes. Merle colored dogs are bred for the novelty of their unusual color.

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