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Obviously the mum is not in question but we ve since been told that a brown lab and a golden retriever could not genetically make a black puppy so the dads identity is now in question in our minds. T he goldador is no small dog.

Goldador Ultimate Guide Temperament Personality Trainability

A black goldador sitting comfortably with a boy.

Black goldador personality. Goldador is the perfect crossbreed for you as it is a devoted household pet that can offer you years of companionship and a lifetime of unforgettable memories. The goldador breed has the best of both golden retriever puppies and a labrador puppy. The mix breed loves children and is great with other pets and animals.

We have a black goldador which we were told and met the parents that mum was a brown lab and dad a golden retriever. The goldador dog is known to have an affectionate and loyal personality and is alert enough to make an excellent watchdog but it far too friendly. Goldador puppies are well tempered.

Goldador dog breed profile. These dogs are very much affectionate with their people and love being with all the time. The goldador dog breed is definitely up to par with its originators in every regard.

Instagram jpfout behavior temperament personality. A goldador dog is a mixture between a golden retriever and a labrador retriever. They are also known as a golden lab or referred to as a golden retriever lab mix.

The goldador is affectionate and loyal alert enough to make an excellent watchdog but too friendly to be an effective guard dog. These dogs have the typical sturdy and well proportioned body of a retriever as well as their personality traits. The goldadors have a loving and good natured temperament.

Physical characteristics and personality. The goldador is extremely friendly and affectionate. 10 to 12 years weight.

The goldador is a mixed breed of dog cross between golden retriever and labrador retriever.

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