Black And White Cocker Spaniel Fully Grown

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The average full grown cocker spaniel weighs from 24 33 pounds color s. Black ascob any solid color other than black buff very light tan brown parti color tricolor black and white with tan points roan sable.

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Four black cocker spaniel puppies.

Black and white cocker spaniel fully grown. Cute black cocker spaniel puppy picture. Cocker spaniels are divided into many different color categories. Cute black cocker spaniel puppy.

Black female cocker spaniel dog. Cute black male cocker spaniel puppy. 20 30 lbs coat type.

Full grown black cocker spaniel dog picture. Cocker american cocker spaniel american bred outside of america english cocker spaniel british breed outside of britain affiliation. 14 15 inches at the shoulder weight.

Black english cocker spaniel dog standing near sea shore. The full grown cocker spaniel on average measures from 13 5 15 5 inches tall at the withers weight. The smallest of the akc recognized sporting breeds some of the distinct physical features of the american cocker spaniel include a compact sturdy body well proportioned chiseled head almond shaped eyes with an alert.

Cute black american cocker spaniel puppy. The american cocker spaniel was developed from the english cocker spaniel in the 19th century to retrieve quail and woodcock they were originally divided from the english cocker solely on a size basis but were bred over the years for different specific traits. Silky smooth hair colors.

15 standard akc colors 7 more colors and 4 markings black black tan black white black white tan brown. A sporting breed of spaniel kind the american cocker spaniel is a close cousin of the english cocker spaniel which developed in the united states in the 20 th century. The two cocker spaniels were shown together in america until 1936 when the english cocker received status as a separate breed.

Group of black cocker. Mia the black and white cockalier full grown at 1 year old cavalier king charles spaniel cocker spaniel mix breed dog darcy the cockalier puppy at 7 weeks old cooper the cockalier cavalier king charles spaniel cocker spaniel hybrid puppy at 3 months old he loves to play with his soccer ball.

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